Lions 3rd Round pick - CB D. Warren. Would you?

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Ok, MIchigan football fans, time to (try to) be objective. The "experts" (and specifically's draft rankings) have D. Warren going in the very early 3rd round. Considering the Lions need a starting CB in the draft or free agency (they have Houston as a starter and 4 third-string back-ups on their roster as of now), would you as the Lions' draft decision maker take D. Warren at the #66 pick in the draft. Remember, be non-UM-Football-fan-objective --- and, remember that the Lions NEED a starting CB. So, (assuming the lions take Suh and Best (or an OT) with their first two picks) would you take D. Warren?

You, sirs, are on the clock. Detroit with the #66 pick takes ..........



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I thought D.Warren was a real player for us. I'm going to miss him being a shutdown corner almost every play. However, I think the Lions need to address CB in round 2 because of how great of a need this area is. I've seen McCourty from Rutgers going to the Lions in round 2 in some mock drafts. He's got the ability to start from day 1, and we need a starter opposite Chris Houston, NOW. So I would prefer McCourty, IMHE.


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ESPN insider says Lito Shepard was in Detroit for a visit today. If they sign Lito, no they do no draft Warren. But at this point anything is possible


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I don't think Lito Shepard erases our need for several corners. But it would make it safer to wait until the 4th round and nab Warren if he's still there.

That slow 40 is definitely going to drag him way down, but I think he'll be a decent if unspectacular pro.

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As I understand it, he salvaged his falling stock. If I remember correctly, Warren started as a borderline first rounder, but likely early second round. A poor (read slow) combine started him into 'free fall' according to the scouts. I think the projection was that he 'could' fall into the sixth round but no one ever got around to saying that he had fallen that far. Instead, he just took a slight drop to the third round.


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If I were the lions I would select best player available (unless it is at a position they are already pretty solid at like QB). If Warren fits that, sure pick him. At first I didn't want the lions to touch any Michigan players, but the new coaching staff seems like they might have their act together. I suppose time will tell on that one.


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last i heard from nfl folk was undrafted, he ran a 4.6-4.7 range, thats slow for a DE, let alone a CB. I really hope something changed and he can get some 3rd round money. But I just dont see it.


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I would not take him in the 3rd round mostly because I just think that there will still be better players available at other positions of need. I'm hoping B.Graham falls to the second round after the Lions draft Suh or Okung (definitely won't happen haha... I'm soooo selfish)....

We could always take Graham with number 2?


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I'm not sold that he would be the pick for them. Personally, I don't think he'll even be around then, but if he is, I wouldn't be shocked if the pats passed on him for a cb, like Joe Haden or Kyle Wilson, or a more laterally athletic tweener, like Sergio Kindle, who fits their needs on D a little better.


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However, the transmission did drop out of the Lions when WC Ford assumed control in 1964, and since then the head gasket has failed, the AC has stopped working, the brakes have failed, the radio stopped working, the CD player puts deep scratches into the discs, the sunroof leaks like a sieve, the windows don't shut, the fuel pump has quit, the upholstery has split, and the dead rat placed inside the driver's side door by an assembly line jokester is stinking to high heaven.


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That (micromanagement by WCF and Billy) is one of the great under-reported sports stories of all time. To hear the press tell it, they're just "hiring the wrong people." To hear insiders tell it, Bill Walsh would have trouble making decisions with that team. He'd be constantly overruled by the Fords for the dumbest of reasons.


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Given his 40 time I think there is a chance a team drafts him to play safety. He has excellent ball skills and would love for the Steelers to draft him in the 4th round and groom him to replace Ryan Clark.


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I would only draft Warren in the third round if I played a lot of Cover 2 zone. The Lions don't do that.

As far as his "excellent" ball skills go, I don't think Warren's play at Michigan would support that description. He didn't come up with a ton of interceptions, and his best INT return (the TD against Iowa) was due in part to him being all alone in the open field. He did have an excellent INT his freshman year against Illinois, but that wasn't par for the course for Warren.


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OK so maybe that was a bit of a homer comment but for a safety he would have above average ball skills. Other than the top tier safeties in the league most do not even possess average skills. See Roy Williams entire career. I just think safety is his best chance to make it in the league but I will not be in any war rooms on draft day so take it for what it's worth.


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Did you ever notice that Michigan guys always seem to pan out? Not many stars but it seems like every non-first round guy exceeds expectation (David Harris, Jason Avant, Steve Breaston, James Hall, I could go on forever). Donovan Warren is good value in the third round. Obviously if they pick a CB in the 2nd round or bring in Lito Shephard then I wouldn't pick him but if I knew I could get Warren in the third round then I would hold off and take Warren.


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Terrance Taylor, Adrian Arrington, Mike Hart, Tyler Ecker, Tim Massaquoi, John Navarre, Bennie Joppru, Tony Pape, Drew Henson, Charles Drake, Marquis Walker, Josh Williams, Rob Renes, Andre Weathers, Chris Floyd, Glen Steele, Rod Payne, Will Carr, Mercury Hayes...


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That's a very mixed group in terms of NFL expectations. (I agree that all of them have had undistinguished pro careers.)

But, I think expectations for Drew Henson were higher than those of, say, John Navarre. I was pleasantly surprised that JN even made a roster. Henson, I guess, couldn't adjust to the speed of the pro game. (Any comment on that, btw?)


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Alot of people are starting to project him at free safety at his point. No word on his numbers at the private workout on the 8th however. Maybe he put up some decent numbers and looked good in drills.

Anyone can go undrafted of course, but it looks like Graham, Warren, and possibly Stevie Brown (who had a really good pro day, and is apparently being looked at as a strong safety) all have a chance to be drafted. High for Graham is probably mid 1st, 3rd for Warren (although I could certainly see him going later), and 6th/7th for Brown (though Stevie probably goes undrafted and gets a shot as a UDFA).

Interesting note from the private workout on the 8th though. BG put up great short shuttle and 3 cone times (better than every other top 3-4 OLB or DE prospect other than Jerry Hughes). Apparently not only did he do DE and LB drills, he also went ahead and did some CB drills as well!

Man I'm going to miss that guy.

EDIT:Since I didn't actually answer the question, yes, I'd probably take him in the 3rd (though I'd probably prefer the 4th), depending on who was still available, and only if we didn't get a guy like McCourty in the 2nd.