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Submitted by Srock on September 16th, 2010 at 5:05 PM

Looks like the lights are coming to the Big House....


Per AP's Larry Lage's Twitter: @LarryLage: U-M Regents approved 1.8 million project to add permanent lights @ the Big House



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....has an artilce posted now.

The University of Michigan's Board of Regents unanimously passed the athletic department's plan to install permanent lighting for Michigan Stadium, during its meeting Thursday afternoon.

The project, with an estimated cost of $1.8 million, will be funded by athletic department resources. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of this fall.

The permanent lighting will be in place when Michigan faces Michigan State in the hockey game billed 'The Big Chill at The Big House' Dec. 11 at 3. The Wolverines have scheduled their first-ever prime-time home football game for Sept. 10, 2011 when they face Notre Dame.


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I am guessing that if they had the "pads" already designed for temporary lights they can use those for permanent lights as well, which is why it will be a quick install. The towers can be, and probably are, designed in large pieces which will be hoisted into position and attached to the stadium. 

Thats just my uneducated guess, haha!


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Not only will the permanent lighting be 10x better than those crappy portable ones, but will no doubt enure that there will be more night games to come at the Big House. I think this is absolutely a great thing.

Bo Lytle

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I hoping David Brandon goes all out on this one.  Lights can be very intimidating for opposing teams, I'm guessing we'll get the long (horizontal) fixtures that streamline our monumental structures.  Here's to David, that dude knows how to spend money.  I'm excited to see exactly what designs we've been approved for.  Big house will look better with these lights whether they are on or off.  David B -  Slapping hoes since 72'

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But from what I know and what I've been told, each of the East and West pavillion/concourse structures has essentially two pads designed to hold light towers.

They must have some architectural drawings for the Regents and City approval.  I'd like to see them.  I remember the architects' presentation to the Victors' Club when they were fighting for the Regents' votes and all of the protestors.  I don't remember any lights being depicted.  In fact, the "front" or field-side of both sideline structures have a kind of a lip or fascia that projects up from the front that might make what you describe (and what I'd like to see) impossible to engnineer.  It's about 5 feet high.

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than what would have been the case without permanent lights.

At least I hope not.

Putting in permanent lights is smart, because it makes it easy to repurpose the stadium for more non-football uses where lights are needed.  $1.8 million for this project seems cheap to me, and I'm relieved that with costs so cheap, no one is likely to feel the need to schedule night games just to get some use out of the lights.

I think most patrons of the Stadium will not appreciate many more night games, and the difficulty of travel that late on a Satruday.  If we have one night game every year in the future, that will be more than enough for me.


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Night games to me are far more rowdy and exciting then the noon or 330 start. The exposure of being on primetime with the nation and recruits watching would greatly benifit the football program, and I'm guessing the players would love to play more night games. Any advantage we can get we should take.

This is Michigan

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I love the idea of night games. I think it is great for the University, the football program, recruiting etc. It should be a great atmoshpere.

However, I hope they don't get carried away. The main reason is because I live in Chicago. I try to make all the games and usually do it in a one day trip despite driving a total of 8 hours. For me, more night games equals more money for hotels and more beer money (longer tailgating).

If I lived in Ann Arbor, I would be all for many many night games, but hopefully they limit it to at most 2 per year.


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on the Cowboy Staduim Monster:


Center-Hung - Sideline Displays (2)

Width:     159' 7-1/16"
Height:     71' 4-3/4"
Total LEDs:     10,584,064
Pixel-Pitch:     20mm
Screen Area:     11,393 square feet
Power Consumption:     635 Kilowatts
Screen Weight:     Approx. 170,000 lbs
Video Source:     1080p HDTV
Resolution:     2,176 x 4,864
Installation start date:     October, 2008
Installation completion date:     June 1, 2009

Center-Hung - End Zone Displays (2)

Width:     50' 4-3/4"
Height:     28' 6-3/4"
Total LEDs:     2,088,960
Pixel-Pitch:     16mm
Screen Area:     1,439 square feet
Power Consumption:     80 Kilowatts
Screen Weight:     Approx. 25,000 lbs
Video Source:     1080p HDTV
Resolution:     1,080 x 1,920
Installation start date:     October, 2008
Installation completion date:     June 1, 2009


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an amazing time to be a Wolverine fan.   The stadium renovation....the thrill that is Denard and company....the great games coming up this year....Nebraska joining in next season....now lights to the Big House!


And i hope Coach Rodriguez is here for many many more seasons. 

Life is good!