Life gets in the way of Michigan football

Submitted by Wendyk5 on August 13th, 2010 at 8:54 AM

I just found out that kickoff for the UConn game is at 3:30, and wouldn't you know, that's the same day as my mother-in-law's 70th birthday party, which starts at 5. I'm in Chicago, so for me the game starts at 2:30, but still - I'm going to miss at least the last quarter. I told my husband my Sportstap app will be running in high gear. I'm also hoping for a mgoliveblog. This is gonna suck. 



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My fiance and I are going to be at her folks place the weekend of Sept 4th doing wedding planning stuff and I've already been chastised for refusing to do tastings for the caterer or going to see a DJ because it would make me miss a quarter. Some things can be moved around at the cost of some brownie points (that's why we earn 'em, right?) and other things earn you brownie points because you can't. You have my condolences.


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Do you? You'll learn. This is 15 years of married life speaking here. Women have two ledgers. The one keeps the balance of your so-called "brownie points". Then, you have the doghouse ledger. That one you don't see until she's ready to make a withdrawl.


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I don't have 15 years' experience, but I'm hip to the game. What's more is that the exchange rate is worse than the new MGoPoints*! But, WK is a woman so, she probably doesn't even have to worry about it. Unless she's married to a dude, NTTAWWT, in which case, (he) still probably doesn't have to worry about it.

Luckily for me, my wife understands that Michigan Football is a big deal, and doesn't bat an eye when I make certain stubborn overatures. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've turned her. When the Alabama thing came up the discussion wasn't about whether or not I was going, it was whether or not she was coming with me. She's not, and is cool with it.

*I just couldn't resist a lay-up like that.


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You, my friend, need to stand tall and set the precedent right now.

Very early on I established with my wife there are two things that are immutable: Michigan Football, and the Indianapolis 500. And though DVR has come along to deal with things like my son's football games overlapping wiht Michigan games, I have pretty much stuck to my guns. If you take a stand now, you can forever point back to it, and remind her that she was forwarned going in. She may grouse, but will have to admit she did know.


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It's far easier to have a wife who is a big enough fan to roll with it.  Mine doesn't spend all day every day in the offseason reading MgoBlog, but she's a true fan.  Every Saturday in the fall we spend watching football together.  Strangely, it's part of what brought us together in the first place.


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Disclaimers: I don't want to sound alarmist, and I don't know you or your fiancee so don't take any of this as trying to insult, presuming attitudes, feelings, etc. But maizenbluenc is absolutely right - this situation should be resolved post haste.

Each spouse is entitled to have one or two "primary passions" - important things that really light your fire, and take precedence over the day-to-day. (When you have small kids, they become co-passions since they require so much critical attention).

If she doesn't understand your overriding passion for M football, has she really gotten to know you? On the other hand, if she does understand, why is she scheduling things to conflict with it? I'd also want to know why she wants to do cake, catering and music planning without you (i.e. will she secretly resent your forever?)

Otherwise you might walk down the path of many men for whom the icy stare of their wives have gradually but surely separated them from their hobbies, passions and very souls. To quote Detroit's first citizen Axel Foley, "they'll do it, I've seen 'em do it, it's not a pretty sight." This is not a joke.

I'm obviously coming at this from your male perspective, but this is gender-neutral - I see couples all the time where one wants the other to bench their passions for whatever the other thinks is of pressing importance at the time.


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Maybe I wasn't quite clear enough. The first times put forward for these things by the vendors were during the game, which I poo-pooed. Everything has been schedule to not conflict with the game so I will get/have to take part in the tasting and evaluations and still get to watch everything from pre- to post-game coverage.


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You are every Michigan man's dream!

What did she get you for your wedding? Does she buy you horrendous gifts for the home? M-I-L doesn't have a tv in the basement? or in the bedroom for when you get a "headache"?  It's on ABC, she does have ABC.

Good luck! 


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Wedding that day at 2 EST.  Daughter and I will be wearing our jerseys until 1PM, then changing for the wedding.  Jersey goes back on at 3PM and watching the game until 5:45 when wedding clothes go back on for the reception at 6PM.  We all make sacrifices, I suppose...


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I have zero sympathy for you.  I'll be in a remote post in Afghanistan for the duration of the season.  Keep it in perspective, enjoy the game, enjoy your mother-in-law's party, not all of us will be so lucky.


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I'm actually pretty excited that it will work out!  that time between the wedding and reception will be spent in a buddy's new Michigan Man Cave - it should be a great time!  Best wishes to you in your part of the world!


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I swear I put a cover sheet on my TPS report.  And if you're referring to the post on the new board format/point system, that wasn't even that bad.  People whining about points annoy the shit out of me.

As for my above post, it was deserved.  The dude leads with, "I have zero sympathy for you." to Wendy, wraps it in his service, and people fall all over themselves to kiss his ass.  Look, I hope and pray the guy gets back safe, but it was his choice to join the military and go play cowboy over in BFE.  That gets a ZERO out of five on the sympathy meter from me.  We all make choices, he can deal with the consequences of his own without pulling a holier than thou bullshit.


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But I definitely see your point.  EVERYTHING on here, from points, to transferring players, to Football wins, don't mean much in the grand scheme.  So every post could have one that says "I have no sympathy for you...".  So, to single this one out, was kinda dickish. These things aren't that important. But it doesn't mean they don't have  a reason to exist.


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the party can start without us.  Priorities people.  Never schedule anything on a Saturday during the season..except of course to watch Michigan football.  There are 39 other Saturdays to schedule her party.


sarcasm meter reaches 11.5


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I had to attend six weddings on football saturdays last year.  I felt bad for the grooms, as they were clearly marrying women who did not understand the importance of football saturdays.

(BTW, Midland Chemics, Class of 2001) 


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We moved our wedding up a week from when she wanted to do it.  Also, we will be back from the honeymoon friday night so I can watch the game on saturday.  As a fun side note, yesterday she told me, "Only 16 days until we get married!" I said, "Only 23 more days until Michigan Football!"  This did not make her smile.


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I "watched" last year's Michigan/Notre Dame game with ESPN Gametracker on a Blackberry because of a wedding.  Kickoff was at the exact same time as the start of the ceremony.  They had no TV at the reception.  And the kicker is that I had to stay sober because I had to drive 2 hours back home afterward.

Godspeed, young lady.


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First of all, your husband has no freaking idea how lucky he is that his wife is upset about having to miss part of a Michigan game because of a birthday party.

Secondly, just don't go.  It's very rude and incosiderate of people to schedule anything on a fall saturday.  Eye-for-an-eye.


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My girlfriend just booked us tickets to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech season opener.  Needless to say, I'm skipping out at the half and heading over to an alumni bar or something.


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I purposely got married in the spring this year to avoid any conflicts with Michigan football. 

I am still a bit upset that my sister got married in October and made me miss the Michigan-Purdue home game in 2001 when I was still a student. 

God bless smartphones which will allow you to at least keep up with the game.  Here's hoping we are well into the lead when you are at the party.


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My dumbass cousin and her state fan fiance are having there wedding during the state game, I hope the wedding is later and its a noon kickoff. Or im going to Dvr and shut off my phone.


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my dumbass self is getting married that day too. i warned her about the game so at least we moved the ceremony to 6pm. a 3:30 game would be over by then, right? please?

oriental andrew

August 13th, 2010 at 9:49 AM ^

For the last 2 years, I have been in a weekend MBA program.  Every Saturday for 2 years (not including breaks between quarters) has been occupied with full day classes.  That meant no live football games.  Fortunately (I guess), these were the 2 worst seasons in my lifetime (1975), so I guess I didn't miss much.  Now that I'm done, I'm hoping for an upswing in Michigan's football fortunes, as I'll actually be able to catch a few games as they're happening!