Liar Liar Vest on Fire Picture

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Also it mentions Pike will be visiting on campus on thursday. I thought he was solid on Auburn. Is this the recruit barnett is talking about? the kentucky recruit and a big recruit thats supposed to be switching?

Edit: Sorry the Pike article is old. I figured mlive wouldnt include old information. all the other links on that page are pretty recent.




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If you click on the Zeke PIke article, its dated for March 22, 2011.  I feel like Tom would have told us about a visit from Pike if it was going to happen.

EDIT: I'm not blaming you, I'm just saying. It's obviously the authors fault for not looking at the date before linking it.

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I keep waiting for the new sweater vest with the appropriately scarlet letter "L" on it.  Or perhaps "C" for those who prefer to focus on the cheating aspect of the debacle.


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Funny that it's a CBS board. On CBS's local news here in Cleveland the sportscaster was showing this sign and claiming that Michigan is taking the low road and is classless because of this. This from the station whose slogan is "Honest. Fair. Everywhere." Except when it comes to the OSU coach, then it's ok to bend the rules.

You know, having been an Ohioan my whole life, sometimes I want to defend the state when it is attacked as a whole on this blog, but a few trashy OSU acolytes like this make it hard to defend the average reasonable Ohioan.


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ESPN flashed this picture on College Football Live this afternoon; Desmond Howard remarked that it was pretty clever.  Kudos to whomever was responsible.

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Is there any sort of public right to know about billboard leasing?

Because I am seeing the massive presumption, all over the 'net, that "Michigan fans" are responsible for the sign.  And yet not one story actually says who paid.  It appears as though no one is even asking the question.

It all seems to flow to one guy's Twitter-feed photo, posted to one web site ("Kegs 'n Eggs").

And from there on, virtually everyone in the world simply presumes that "Michigan fans" put this up.  As if there is an annual shareholders' meeting of Michigan Fans at the Renaissance Center, and we had a solemn vote to erect a billboard to express our wanton collective rage.

I suspect that this was the idea of one or two or four guys who had a few too many pops one night.  We have no idea who it might be; at least I don't, based on the nonexistent reporting thus far.  The last I remember of any billboard campaigns locally, it was Sparty, all pissed off and everything about not going to the Rose Bowl.  "MICHIGAN STATE 34 - WISCONSIN 24." 

I suppose I'll be sorry for asking this, but has anyone bothered to rule out, or even investigate, the possibility that one of the Lesser Sparties is responsible for the billboard?  How would you feel if you were a Lansing-educated citizen who had expressed yourself under the First Amendment of our great Constitution in this fashion, only to have the national press presume that "Michigan fans" had pulled this prank?

So let's get the MGoBlogosphere to work on this -- Whodunnit?


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This ad was alright but the funniest comment related to this whole Tresselgate issue was the tweet last night

"Jim Tressel knew where Osama Bin Laden was hiding, but didn't want to tell the authorities"



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CBS 19 in Cleveland just ran a piece on the billboard in the sports segment and they couldn't seem to comeback with any decent rebuttal towards the whole situation.  They know that Tressel got caught in the act and now they are just taking a beating.


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Angelique tweeted:


"Liar, Liar Vest on Fire!" billboard was purchased by individual who wishes to remain anonymous,informed source told me.Up 1 wk til Thurs .