LiAngelo Ball Leaves UCLA

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Reading between the lines it looks like the suspensions to Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill are going to be long enough that those players won't be seeing the court anytime soon so LaVar pulled the plug. They definitely will not suit up to face Michigan on Saturday. 

That's good for us because UCLA has been thin in the frontcourt and could really use their 4* big men. Their center is a double-double machine but he doesn't have a backup and their forwards haven't provided much.

But a little schadenfreude never hurt anybody and LaVar's meltdown has been pretty comical. He claims that the punishment is too harsh, especially for a player like LiAngelo who he thinks is the best shooter on the team. He also isn't transfering and will just work out for the draft(?). Finally, he claims that UCLA used him to get Lonzo which is true but only because LaVar made them a package deal.

At least UCLA can get out of their commitment to LaMelo, the most overrated recruit in the history of college basketball. 



Occam's Razor

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I don’t mind LaVar Ball because I see how his antics have helped build his family’s profile to the point of stardom.

However, pulling LiAngelo and LaMelo both out of school is only hurting them at this point. You can’t tell me LaVar can develop LiAngelo better than UCLA can. On top of that LiAngelo needs the most time in college to have a chance at making it in the NBA out of the 3 brothers.

panthera leo fututio

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He was never getting drafted regardless -- he doesn't have anywhere close to the combination of size and athleticism that he'd need to play on the wing in the NBA. Which makes this move even dumber. However much money his older brother makes, Gelo would benefit from having an actual degree.


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Our world is FLOODED with media. (ads on NBA players jerseys, BETWEEN-PLAY ads during this years college football games)

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We live in the age of excess (obesity with the food, garages and basements hoarding junk, buying and throwing away so much useless fad-objects and terribly designed goods, filling landfills and the ocean, and now dopamine hits with the technology and stimulation)

Nearly 1/3 of the Americans said that didn't read a book this year (propotionaly thats over 100 million people--and we are not even capable of thinking about the impact of that scale).

if only a few hundred years ago we left the Dark Ages, then now we've entered the Bright Ages, where there's too much of everything, everything contradicts itself, and people choose to believe whatever makes them feel good (not that they didn't before, but today there are no consequences. 99% of people don't even know how to hunt and butcher an animal, deliver a baby, or build a structure--not suggesting we return to primitivism at all, just using it as an example for highlighting that nearly all of us are sadly divorced from our very real and unwavering material reality.)

Human beings, looking back on the last few thousand years, even the 20th century alone, could all use a lot more humility and self-reflection.

/rant, i apologize sometimes i just get so frustrated...


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"pulling LiAngelo and LaMelo both out of school"

Are you referring to LaMelo being taken out of high school? If so, I believe LaMelo still plays for the high school team, but I don't really follow him, so I might be wrong. If not, then are you saying that LaMelo is not going to UCLA anymore?


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LaMelo is going to be declared ineligible by the NCAA due to the Big Baller Brand.


Honestly, I enjoyed the Ball family clown show when it first showed up a year or two ago.  But their 15 minutes of fame is way overplayed.  The sooner they disappear the better.


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If his dad doesn’t F things up, he could still play overseas, though. Will be interesting to see what happens with LiMelo. Kid may be (is probably) overrated, but he still has NBA potential.


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I hope Lonzo turns out to be really, really good.. because he's going to have to support this mouthy dad of his and help his 2 brothers whose father decided a college education is worthless


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What if I told you, there was a family of players that did absolutely nothing on the court, but thought they were the kings of the basketball world? 

ESPN 30 for 30 presents: Big Baller Brand