Lewis & Peppers on Lott watch list

Submitted by OldDad67 on May 19th, 2016 at 11:02 AM

I have some questions. What does being on a "watch" list mean? Does it mean that whoever is "watching" these players only "watch" those on the list? What if another palyer not on the "watch" list has a tremendous season - are they out of luck?

These are important questions.

Edit: So is Ronnie Lott one of the "watchers"? So many questions.




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No, they can be added later. Watch lists are pointless when they don't include Michigan players, but meaningful when they do.


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Ha, before clicking this, I was going to ask the same questions as OldDad. While I guess it's nice to have the players recognized, what does being on a watch list really mean? If they suck the first few games, will the watchers stop watching? And if so, what if they kick ass mid season on?


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Don't take it for more than it is. No, it doesn't "mean" anything, any more than being a semi finalist for an award does. But it's still recognition. These are the players that the Lott organization thinks have the best chance at being in the running for the Lott trophy, that's all. There's no need to read more into it than that. Yes, it's a fluid list and being left off of it doesn't preclude you from consideration.

That said, when these lists come out, it's better to be on it than not be on it, just for the recognition. It's like being a pre-season all American. It doesn't really "mean" anything, but I'm sure the players would rather get mentioned than not.


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I think it neatly sums up all returning dbs that had a great year last season, thus one of them breaking from the pack to be considered no. 1 this season is logical.

Sure I have asked before, but what part of L.A. do you live in. My son live in W. L.A., I'd say about 1 and 1/2 mile from UCLA right off Wilshire  and Barrington. Can definitely see the draw for h.s. players.


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Instead of watch lists, I think there should be "Will Not Watch" lists for players who are so bad, the college football community refuses to watch any game they play in.


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I sure hope he doesn't shit the bed his final year. I'm still not completely sold on him as the bigger faster receivers got into him a bit last year. Here's hoping he doesn't read into his hype and works his tail off this year.

Mr. Elbel

May 19th, 2016 at 11:33 AM ^

Well, this just confirms it for me. Before this watch list, I wasn't going to watch Lewis and Peppers this upcoming season. But now I'm definitely going to be watching them. Thanks, Lott list guys.

NOLA Wolverine

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Board of people who come to the internet daily looking for college footaball coverage complain when a website provides them coverage about college football.

But in all seriousness, what does this watchlist have to do with the inevitable heat death of the universe, mannnnnnnnn?


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Why are they playing All Along the Watchtower?

Wait, what exactly was zombie Kara Thrace?

Where did Bill Adama go after Roslin died?

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Why are we asking so many questions?

And why do so many of them seem to be related to Battlestar Galactica?

Has all of this happened before and will it happen again?

I Want To Believe

May 20th, 2016 at 12:09 AM ^

I'm really interested to see what position Peppers plays most this season. I really thought Jabrill's coverage skills got much better as the year went on last season. I'm curious to see what he brings to the table at LB, and if he's bulked up at all in anticipation of more contact at the line of scrimmage

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He came to Ann Arbor  considered to be one of the most "NFL physically ready" players coming in from high school. It was easy to  understand with one look. It has been two years, and I  realize that although we work out continuously- and pro athletes long and hard just to keep up - until around 35, a man is at his peak from about 27-31. I don't know what this means as to added bulk for Jabril, but I think he'd be at his best when he hits about  215 with a body ready to hold that weight.

He's on that list for the same reason Lewis is. They are both great players. I can't remember which qb it was, but he had about 5" and 40 lbs on Jabil and he just picked him up and neatly tossed him about 5 to 6 yds to the side. I thought, "Damn." I told my son, "This young man is going to hurt someone." It they're looking for the player that plays most like Lott, they might as well hand it over now.