Lewis Cine tea-leaves.

Submitted by Bo Nederlander on September 19th, 2018 at 8:43 PM

Shore some areas up that obviously need improvement. 

Lewis Cine (.97 247) Safety, probably SS due to Dax's speed and the fact that he's reportedly 2" taller and can put on good weight a tad easier, is visiting this weekend. This is not the news. 

The news is that Lewis noted the Dax commitment and (IMHO) went out of his way to mention how lethal or effective the two would be playing together. 

I do not, however, have the same confidence that I did with Dax. 

Disclaimer: I am not an insider. I have one personal friend that works for 247. Lorenz, though I trust him the most, is not personally known to me. He's just not one that delivers information just to deliver it or get clicks. I am not mentioning others for a reason. 

Let's hope his visit is as legit as Dax's and Roz shows up again in excellent form. 

Go Blue! 


Bo Nederlander

September 19th, 2018 at 8:50 PM ^

Thank you, my man but I'm just a regular guy that has been in LOVE with Michigan (everything) my entire life. I dont post often. Upvotes and downvotes don't really mean much to me. I just want Michigan to do well at everything. 

My only good tool, is my semi-decent ability to discern information from sources that know WELL better than I ever will. Dax, to me, I knew was coming to Michigan from everything I was reading. 

Thanks for the confidence. I appreciate you. 


September 20th, 2018 at 7:45 AM ^

Apparently the staff thinks JV might go pro in baseball.  If he's drafted where the experts are expecting (top 5) he could get close to 10m guaranteed, or 30 if he commits to a longer term deal and goes the baseball route immed.  The staff also believes that Harrisson is leaning towards the good guys, along with Keegan, Cine, and KARF.  

Sounds like this week of practice was touch and go. A few teaching moments may have been taken differently by some of the backup players.  Not saying anyone quit or is done, but the message was clear: "our way or the highway"

KH was with trainers the first part of the week, but was at weight training and with first team O yesterday. JM was running the Frost-Martinez offense really well, the coaches were having him throw deep balls and hail mary's-a-plenty.  Zordich and coach were very upset with the interference and poor position some of the db's were in last week.  Lot's of teaching moments this week like I said, also plenty of coach Brown screaming about disciplined defense, and staying aggressive but not out of control which leads to flags.

Lots of Glasgow, Woods, and JKP this week rotating in practice, and I'm not sure which freshman it is but one of them was also working in at safety.

The wiggle bug true freshamn rb was working well with JM, and I'm not sure why he is not the backup to Wilson.



September 20th, 2018 at 8:52 AM ^

There certainly is a lot of room for optimism here. If this class ends up with a DL of Karlaftis, Smith, Hinton and Harrison and an OL of Keegan/Benhart/Ike, Jones, Rumler, Carpenter, Barnhart and Stewart a backfield of Charbonnet, Gray and Jackson and a secondary of Hill, Cine and Turner then Michigan is flirting with Alabama recruiting status...would Crouch and Ford come...what about Foskey??? Right now I believe they are putting a "hold"... on guys like Sainristil and Sanguinetti...and likely others. And the thing is, this is not an unreasonable, pie-in-the-sky wish list. All the hand-wringers here need to max out their chill-pills. 


September 20th, 2018 at 9:57 AM ^

Are you saying top 5 overall picks or top 5 rounds?  To even sniff 10M he would have to go top 5 overall. (some teams don't even have 10M bonus pools for their whole draft).  I am not saying it isn't possible but neither MLB or Baseball America mention him in their top prospects for next year, so that would be a big jump.    He could still go in the 3rd round and probably coerce a 1m signing bonus based on his other options. But, he isn't getting a long term deal. Only Americans who have gotten those were Harper and Bryant.   He may have a lot of talent but he isn't a generational talent like those two. 

Top 10 pick slot money from 2018.

1. Tigers: $8,096,300
2. Giants: $7,494,600
3. Phillies: $6,947,500
4. White Sox: $6,411,400
5. Reds: $5,946,400
6. Mets: $5,525,200
7. Padres: $5,226,500
8. Braves: $4,980,700
9. A's: $4,761,500
10. Pirates: $4,560,200

Diagonal Blue

September 21st, 2018 at 3:12 PM ^

I'm calling bullshit. There is no way Velazquez is going top 5 in the draft, and even if he was he isn't getting that kind of money. Kyler Murray was the 9th overall pick in the draft and got a $5 million dollar contract. Now there's a chance he could go in the top 5 ROUNDS, but that is drastically different than top 5 overall.

As for the players you mentioned, Webb think OSU still leads for Harrison while Wiltfong thinks Cine and Keegan are trending to UGA. 

No idea about the rest of your post but I doubt it's any more accurate than the first part.


September 19th, 2018 at 9:18 PM ^

I thought when Sainristil was close to a commit M had a great chance with Cine. They played together before Cine moved to play in a bigger league. But if Sainristil sticks to VT I figured we are just another school. Credit to Brown though. He knew about Cine years ago.

Mr Miggle

September 20th, 2018 at 9:35 AM ^

I wondered about that even at the time he visited. There seemed to be more need at CB/nickleback than slot. My guess was that he and and George Johnson would get looks at both sides of the ball. Maybe offense first if that's what they wanted.

Adding Giles Jackson looks like part of a real effort to change the offense.  It's one of those things that I'll believe when I see it on the field, but it's not just him.  It's not just the multiple potential slots. There are no bruisers in this class. An every down back and a scatback. Only a pass catching TE.

Combine that with Harbaugh already talking about moving Haskins to defense. Van Sumeren is practicing at LB when we'll only have one FB returning next season.  I'm very curious what the offense will look like going forward.