Lewan vs. Gholston

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Here is there matchup over the whole game. SIAP but I searched and didn't see it:

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I hate to be "that guy" but check the aftermath of the pass to Vincent Smith right around the 1:00 mark. Looks like Tom runs into the pile after Smith is down and works him over with his knees a bit. Classy guy...


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I don't like the Sparty but this isn't a fair game to evaluate his pass rush. It's clear he wasn't going upfield by design so he could pinch down when Denard stepped forward to run. State plays Denard to stop the run on every play.


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I caught the pregame coverage on satellite radio, of course I could only find the MSU radio coverage.  Anyway, they referred to Lewan as "the Convtroversial Left Tackle"

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I thought Taylor Lewan played a very solid game.  I didn't see exactly what he did for that personal foul (which set us back deep in our own zone) on the first drive, because I was there, not watching any tv replay, and he was away from the play.

But let's give a hell of a lot of credit to our other tackle, Michael Schofield.  Because MSU's defense flips to the field side on every down, Schofield was lined up against Gholston as often as Lewan was, and Gholston had no more success versus Schofield.

I actually didn't think Gholston was awful; he was getting some pressure on Denard even without any spectacular sacks or personal fouls.  He was in on a bunch of tackles.  And yeah, I think Gholston is a filthy football player.   Thanks to our entire O-line, not just Lewan, Gholston looked pretty ordinary.


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If I remember correctly, Lewan's personal foul on the opening drive was a late hit when he blocked someone at the end of the play. He really tossed some poor guy just as the play was ending. The lateness of it was kind of borderline, from what I remember, but I think the refs were trying to put their foot down early.


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I agree. People have fun insulting him but the more times I watch this the more impressed I am by Sparties game. He had contain responsibility and had to be prepared to pinch down. You're generally not going to get much rush when doing that because if you get to far upfield Denard is gone, if you go to hard inside Denard is gone. He only lost either responsibility about 5 times all game(the most significant being the 44 yard run where he went too hard upfield). He wasn't playing a stat game but what he was doing allowed State to play Denard as they do. It's rare that a DE is athletic enough to maintain both responsibilities against someone as athletic as Denard. It reminds me of why Peppers gives Vick fits. Great game by Tom, no. But we only put 12 on the board and he played a critical role in that.

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I love how after he finally completes that rotisserrie spin move, he's honestly surprised to see Lewan standing there waiting for him. He did seem to have a step on Lewan on a couple plays with a speed rush, but luckily Denard felt the pressure and stepped up into the pocket.


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when he's unblocked. When even one guy blocks him, he's essentially neutralized. I'm amazed that they don't stunt him more.

BTW: Noticed this at the game, but while the anthem was playing and being sung, Tom raised his arms and helmet up 30 seconds before the end of the song (hard to miss his long ass arms) and started clapping them over his head and jawing to his teammates. He sure was pumped up and you could tell by his performance.

The funny thing is he will probably still go pro after this year, LeVeon, too. It's the Spartan thing to do.

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When leaving the field, entering the tunnel after warmups, Gholston held up his hands to the earholes of his helmet to gesture, "I can't hear you; can you yell at me louder?"  When re-entering the field just before the game, he did much of the same thing.  He is something of a player version of Dantonio and Narduzzi.  The kid is wound very, very tight from the perspective of trashtalking.  I'm not exactly sure how opposing fans can use it to Gholston's disadvantage (!?), but I wish I knew.


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I kind of feel like Gholsten played the same role Craig Roe is playing for Michigan.


State does an amazing job of staying disciplined, staying in their lanes and occupying their blockers to let their LB's run free.  I think if you put a camera on the other end, Rush?, you would see similar results.


I will say as a pass rusher Gholsten seems disappointing.


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This was awesome.

I'm the first to admit my knowledge of football technique is low ... so this video gave me a reason to take some time and actually focus on the interaction, play-after-play, between a LT and a DE.

Someone with better knowledge of this stuff correct me, but it seems to me Lewan is really good at (a) keeping his legs out for better stability, (b) lots of foot movement with really quick lateral motion, (c) keeping his shoulders squared to the DE, and (d) pushing the DE away from the play, even if that means pushing in a wide arc.

I only saw one play where Gholston got around Lewan ... but ultimately it did little harm because the play was already winding down by the time Gholston go by.

If what Lewan did in that game is a good example of quality LT play, then this game we call football is even more fascinating to me now than before.  Freakin' awesome exercise in watching the details of a game.


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That's how you shut down the All American.*

* preseason award hype is crap.

As for the missed Denard-to-Gallon pass, the more I watch it the more it looks like he was trying to throw it behind the ref while Gallon kept running.  It wasn't a great throw, but Gallon could have slowed down a bit and given him the bigger window.