Lewan vs. Gholston

Submitted by Worthing on October 24th, 2012 at 12:10 AM

Here is there matchup over the whole game. SIAP but I searched and didn't see it:

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That was great blocking by the o.line on that big throw to get within fg range at the end. lewan owned him. d.robs foot work was incorrect on the missed throw to gallon. get your technique down son.


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By fun, I mean not fun. My dad's rotisserie has some crappy plastic piece in it that always melts after a month or so of usage (obvious design to create the need for further rotisserie purchases). I believe a metal piece was fabricated by my dad/brother to replace it. Not sure what I'm trying to say. I guess Gholston is the plastic piece.


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My favorite gholston moment was after the final play. When all the other tool off their helmets, he strapped his on. He was afraid to show his face. Watch the replay.


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lineman this whole video which i usually dont do (my eyes usually follow the pass/ball carrier) and other than the o-line's excellent play i noticed that denard has really, really improved his footwork in the pocket. he's pretty instinctive at side stepping the rush and sliding in the pocket, etc.

nice to see.



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Lewan was handling Gholston well all game, and really, the whole offensive line was effective in giving Denard time to work, I thought, as well as opening gaps for a few long runs. As for Gholston, the only sack this year was against CMU and, now and again, I  think you actually have to shed a block if you want to actually be effective as an edge rusher. Somewhere around the 4:00 mark, even Elliott Mealer knocks him back a yard or two. Nice to see others get involved in the "Whatever, William" sweepstakes there. Gholston is just not an explosive playmaker, but that's hard when you only sort of have one move. 


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Poor Taylor Lewan. Did you notice how many hands to to the face penalties should of been called against Gholston. He's the one that said Lewan played dirty. RIGHT!

Bill the Butcher

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There was actually a thread on RCMB on Saturday night after the game bitching about how Gholston is terrible this year and should not even think about going pro.  A lot of people in the thread were saying that Worthy was responsible for all of Gholston's success.  They even had people acknowledge that he wasn't all that great last year, but had an amazing bowl game which led to the slurp fest this offseason.


Fail!!! Replied without reading the whole thread and the response directly below yours says the same thing as mine.  Apologies


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Even the lunatic homers at RCMB had a thread after the game about Gholston being pwned by Lewan, well except for the few who complain after every game that the refs aren't fair, they hate State, and if they called even half of the obvious holding calls, State would be undefeated and Gholston would be an All American.

(Btw, their is an editing issue in the OP.)

R Kelly

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Watch the Omameh block starting at 1:24.  He gets tripped from behind and continues blocking and driving Marcus Rush back while he's on his knees.