Lewan Showing Concussion Symptoms

Submitted by DreadPower on November 17th, 2010 at 1:21 PM

Per Angelique Chengelis' Twitter:

"RR says Mouton and Martin practiced Tuesday. Doing better. Taylor Lewan & Shaw dealing with concussion-like symptoms."

"UM right tackle Dorrestein is fine. If Lewan can't go, Mark Huyge, who has started for Dorrestein, could start at LT."

I knew about Shaw but this is the first I have heard anything about Lewan. Let's hope they're both alright.



November 17th, 2010 at 1:29 PM ^

I'm all for the conservative route here.  I want to see Lewan have a long, prosperous career at Michigan.  It will suck if he doesn't play this week or even next, but it is more important that he heals long-term.


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I just hope TL is OK - would gladly trade him playing in Saturday's game to make sure he is OK mentally. 

That being said - I have been out of playing football for almost 10 years now.  Back in my day, when I got concussions, the doctors would always say "wait until the headaches go away, then you're out another 1-2 weeks".  Clearly the diagnosis of concussions is much more advanced now (or I'd think it would be given all the MSM publicity), but why are kids allowed to have a concussion, then go back and play in less than a week? 


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When I got a concussion (high school hockey) That was VERY minor I was out about 10 days anyway. Headaches for a week, then back in net. 

I dunno how many times I took pucks to the face (goalie) and "got my bell rung" though... whenever I took a puck to the head the rink would go quiet, i'd get a slight ringing and I'd be fine - never left the game with those. In response to your question, i really don't know but my best guess is they're being WAY more careful than they used to with regards to what "concussion" is (or "concussion symptoms" are) Maybe they get a little lightheaded and are therefore "possibly concussed" and going to be evaluated. For me being lightheaded during hockey meant more water. For these guys it could be "concussion symptoms, sit out and we'll evaluate"

Hopefully they're just being more careful now, and therefore when the "concussion" turns out to be ridiculously minor they're allowed to play. 


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We need to be clicking on cylinders on Saturday, but you have to be careful and I trust RR to make the right call. Please get well sooner rather than later.


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This is obviously not good for Lewan, but remember, this isn't exactly the secondary here.  Huyge is no slouch; I hope RR errs on the side of caution here. 


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I don't like hearing this before playing a team like Wisc. We need to have a ground game against them or our defense is going to wear down. This kid is a beast, a little crazy (which i'm a fan of), once he harnesses his aggressiveness he's going to be a load.


November 17th, 2010 at 2:09 PM ^

Without a ground game we will pass the ball more which equates into quick scores or 3 & outs aka quick drives. In return this will have our defense on field more, playing against a very large Wisc team that likes to pound the ball. With 3 man fronts against lineman averaging 315lb+, we will be run into the dirt. If we can run the ball and control tempo, we can beat this team. We are not going to be able to play their style and win the ball game.


November 17th, 2010 at 2:51 PM ^

Why does passing the ball mean we'll have more 3-and-outs?  Could we not reach that level of futility by running?  A run-intensive 3-and-out doesn't take much more time than a passing one.  (Forget game time; I'm talking real time.)

"In return this will have our defense on field more, playing against a very large Wisc team that likes to pound the ball."  ARRGGHHHH!  SMASHSMOUTH!  I'm not buying it.  Most teams in the Big Ten have large offensive lines (like ours) and are (like ours) at least somewhat fond of running.  (Aside: Wisconsin's run game is partly reality and partly myth.  If it's so good, why don't they win ten games every year?  Why don't they have more than a handful of RBs and O-linemen in the NFL?)

Who cares if our defense spends more time on the field if the offense is successful?  In football you don't get to "hold the ball."  You have to return it after a score.  If Michigan scores on a 1:13 pass-heavy drive and Wisconsin answers with an 8-minute run-heavy drive, the score will be .... 7-7!  That's right -- Wisconsin will not get additional points for playing SMASHMOUTH, even if it gives thousands of Midwesterners (and some Michigan fans) a huge chubby.

"With 3 man fronts against lineman averaging 315lb+, we will be run into the dirt."  The 3-3-5 can used successfully against the run, full stop, OK?  Committing to that defense doesn't mean that the second three guys play fifteen yards off the ball.  Following your logic, we should have nine guys on the line.  That'll stop 'em for sure!


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keep him out until he's able to play.  However, look on the bright side, that likely means less drive killing penalties against the offense.


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and she was equally dumbfounded. said it possibly occurred in first half per RR. fact he played through is a good sign towards it not being a problem this weekend but scary all the same.


November 17th, 2010 at 1:40 PM ^

I'm not a doctor but I can speak from experience that you may not realize you have a concussion until after the fact.   Felt a little "strange" after taking a hit during a HS game, played the whole game anyway (didn't say anything to trainers), next day my head hurt.  Surprise - I got a concussion.

I probably should have said something during the game to the trainers, but I was young and stupid at the time.  Now I'm not young anymore. ;)


November 17th, 2010 at 2:15 PM ^

trying to use an erg at the CCRB and not paying attention to how close to the wall the thing was. decided to do a solid first crank to get the right momentum and mindset going and blasted the racquetball wall with my dome. just kind of tipped over and then walked home.

i was a wreck that weekend and discussed it with my nurse aunt, who then sent me through 9000 rigors all for the same outcome - stay awake, call for help if need be, blablabla


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But seriously hold him out until he's genuinely ready to go.   Concussions must be taken seriously.


November 17th, 2010 at 1:37 PM ^

on Lewan until game day. 

I trust RR to make the right decision.  If Lewan is out Huyge will step it up like he has been all year.

If he does have a mild concussion, then I wish him well and hopefully we'll see him in Columbus, if not then for sure at the bowl game.


November 17th, 2010 at 1:41 PM ^

Taylor Lewan, now 11th on the UM team in rushing, obviously hasn't taken the correct cues from what happened to Sam McGuffie and Michael Shaw in recent.  Concussions come with the territory when you start rushing with the damn football at Michigan, Taylor.