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Dear donkeys - I have bad news I'm afraid.

"The only time I'm going to come out of the game is if I can't walk or something is out of the skin."




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Lewan has always been an absolute beast, but it appears that he has transformed into a fundamentally sound and mature player as well.  I can envision him teaching incoming Michigan o-line future stars how to play the game at a high level.  It's too bad that Jake Long, while he was here, didn't have the quality of o-line recruits that we have coming in next year.  He could've taught them a thing or two as well.  Either way, it's great to see the left tackle spot locked down for the near future! 


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Classic lines:


How many penalties was it [last year]?

"Baker's dozen? I could not even tell you," Lewan said. "Lewan dozen? What's that, 15? That sounds about right."

[on the football field] "I want to be a pit in somebody's stomach."
Between Lewan and Molk we probably have the most quotable offensive line in all of college football.


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Lewan is easily one of my favorite personalities on the team.  The few times I've seen him interviewed on Michigan Replay...er...eh... Brady Hoke's show...he's been really entertaining.  The Holloween costume one was hilarious. I can only imagine how annoying his jabber must be to opposing players.  See Tom Gholston suspension.


This team really has some characters and the crop coming in seems like more of the same. 

Lady in Blue

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He comes across as a humble and intelligent guy in this article.  Add that to frequently tossing Denard in the air and making hilarious comments about moustaches and shepherd costumes - great guy all around!