The Levenberry prediction/decision open thread

Submitted by wolverine1987 on April 24th, 2012 at 10:14 AM

While there are just as many factors that say he'll choose us as there are that he'll choose FSU, I'm going to say I think he goes FSU by a whisker, unfortunately. Two reasons: first, we don't offer a Criminal Justice major, which according to Tim at Rivals he very much wants to major in, and second, all of his Dad's comments, while absolutely glowing about Hoke and Michigan, kinda sound to me like what the Bachelor says about the girl that comes in second: "she's an amazing girl, absolutely fantastic, she has big things ahead of her and some lucky guy is really going to be fortunate to get her." Not that I know (ahem) anything about the Bachelor, my wife must have told me about that...

/hope I'm wrong

/trying not to jinx



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My threads are constantly greyed out.  It hurts my feelings.  I am a good person, dammit!  Maybe I need an MGoMakeover.  I wonder if it costs as much as my wife's real makeovers . . . If so, I'm f-cked.



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Actually, since we are about 80 percent full for this class, WE ARE at the finish line. Maybe not in actual time, but for what we can do as far as rounding out this recruiting class, we are almost done. So it is imperative that we finish strong and close on some of these gamechangers (Isaac, Treadwell, Poggi, et al). I realize there is a lot of time left and anything can happen, but we put ourselves in a corner with our hot start.

Again - I am not criticizing the coaching staff. I am ALL IN 100 percent. I am f--king pumped for Michigan football under this regime and with these players.

But you cannot ignore the fact that we did not finish strongly in 2012, and we are set up to do the same again for 2013.

these wolverines

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i hear you but i think out of those 12 maybe 6 or 7 get action, but i trust the coaches they know something we dont for them to turn down all these other guys for him i dont see why all signs dont point to michigan, plus he was going to commit at a all star game but now he moves up his date when FSU has 20 spots left.


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FSU supposedly only has one linebacker spot open.

Of the linebacker crew, we already know that Ryan, Gordon, Morgan, and Bolden will see playing time by 2013.  Then toss in Poole, Ross, Jenkins-Stone, Ringer, Jones, Gedeon, and McCray...  I think more than 6-7 of those guys are going to play at some point.


April 24th, 2012 at 12:19 PM ^ you have a prediction on which way he'll announce??  Thanks!

(Since we're playing the "where will he go" game and I have no insight, I'd thought I'd see if you've any new insight/thoughts on his decision.)


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I have no inside information, but all the talk from his dad about the major makes me think that's weighing heavily on the decision.  I think he'll pick FSU but I'm not 100% convinced.  I think we'll be just fine at linebacker, so I won't be too disappointed, but I would still be pleased if he picked Michigan.


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He's going to FSU.

- They have the criminal justice major.

- They've been recruiting him since he was a freshman.  

- He spent a week there on a visit.  A week.  

- His dad likes them better. 

I'd be really surprised if he picks M. Thrilled, but truly surprised.


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Why does it seem as if M cleans up except when it comes down to the final 2? During the season past it came down to Garnett (Stanford), Reeves (Ohio), and Kozan (Clemson -- Iowa wasn't really a factor once he de-commited). Previously, Dee Hart initially picked us over Bama, then bolted to the Tide. And now, if Leavenberry chooses FSU...

Perkis-Size Me

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Gut feeling: he picks FSU because they offer his major, but at the same time, the academics there are absolute garbage by comparison to ours. FSU is a school defined by its football program, not the other way around.

If he wants to prepare for life after football, he's got a better option to go here. But, my pick for him is FSU. Fortunately, its not exactly a position of need right now.



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I’m going with this.

He channels his inner Kozan and embarks on a peyote induced vision quest. He sees a Wolverine riding on the back of a motorcycle driven by a Semonile and decides to go to Arkansas.

Okay, this is crazy talk but so is 200+ replies about a recruit.


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Apparently Michigan and FSU also paid a visit to Da'Shawn Hand ('14 DE/DT) during the same trip to see Levenberry.  If you don't know about Da'Shawn yet, you will soon, he's projected to be the #1 overall in the 2014 class.  Michigan is getting 2 birds w/ 1 stone or 2 five-stars w/ 1 flight!! 




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Going Blue in 33 minutes!!  No one wants to major in criminal justice.  I'll mail him all my crim pro and crim law books and a couple decent outlines and he'll learn in 2 hours what he can learn in 4 years at FSU.


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But I might end up at grad school at FSU so I guess it's a win-win. Before anyone asks, Michigan will always be top dog with me no matter what.