The Levenberry prediction/decision open thread

Submitted by wolverine1987 on April 24th, 2012 at 10:14 AM

While there are just as many factors that say he'll choose us as there are that he'll choose FSU, I'm going to say I think he goes FSU by a whisker, unfortunately. Two reasons: first, we don't offer a Criminal Justice major, which according to Tim at Rivals he very much wants to major in, and second, all of his Dad's comments, while absolutely glowing about Hoke and Michigan, kinda sound to me like what the Bachelor says about the girl that comes in second: "she's an amazing girl, absolutely fantastic, she has big things ahead of her and some lucky guy is really going to be fortunate to get her." Not that I know (ahem) anything about the Bachelor, my wife must have told me about that...

/hope I'm wrong

/trying not to jinx



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I am starting to have major flashbacks to the Josh Garnett decision.  If he comes out with two shirts, one saying "Michigan Football" and the other saying "FSU Criminal Justice" we're screwed.


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Do we know why he wants to major in criminal justice?  Not to beat the law school thread to death, but a criminal justice undergrad major is one of the least desirable majors when applying to law school (unless you place in the top of your class).  At least as far as many law school admissions offices are concerned.  I'd be interested to hear what his career aspirations are . . .



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He could be setting a new precedent as an E.J. Levenberry.  As in a guy that everyone thought was going to commit elsewhere during his announcement, but he ended up blue.  I can see it now......

"I thought for sure Da'Shawn Hand was going to Alabama, but I'm so happy he gave his verbal to Michigan today!  He's this year's E.J. Levenberry!"


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I agree!

With a group of young LB's and some real top talent coming in regardless of Levenberry's decision in the next two classes- I am not too worried if he goes to FSU.  Especially since they are not a rival or on schedule, and because we have the talent should be ok no matter what.

Sure I'd love to get him- but given our LB situation I feel like he would be the icing on top of the cake.

If anything if he decides to go to FSU and Anzalone becomes a top player at Ohio and would have turned blue- that would be the bigger impact- although it seemed like coaching staff was set at LB except for Levenberry having a saved spot...


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  Rivals Scout ESPN 247
Brent Calloway 4*, 6.0 4*, OLB #7 4*, 80, #23 ATH 4*, 98
Trey DePriest 4*, 5.8 5*, MLB #1 4*, 82, #2 OLB 4*, 97
Vinnie Sunseri 3*, 5.6 3*, MLB #28 4*, 79, #18 OLB 3*, 86
Ryan Anderson 4*, 5.9 4*, DE #22 4*, 80, #7 OLB 5*, 98
Denzel Devall 4*, 5.8 4*, MLB #8 4*, 80, #22 DE 4*, 95
Tyler Hayes 4*, 5.8 4*, OLB #11 4*, 80, #10 OLB 4*, 98
Dillon Lee 4*, 5.9 4*, MLB #4 4*, 81, #6 OLB 4*, 91
Reggie Ragland 4*, 6.0 5*, MLB #1 4*, 80, #2 ILB 4*, 97
Ruben Foster 5*, 6.1 5*, MLB #1  5*, 87, #1 ILB 5*, 102


  Rivals Scout ESPN 247
Frank Clark 3*, 5.6 3*, TE #33 3*, 77, #83 DE 3*, 87
Kellen Jones 3*, 5.7     3*, 89
Desmond Morgan 3*, 5.5 3*, #42 MLB 3*, 78, #24 ILB 3*, 83
Antonio Poole 3*, 5.7 4*, #13 OLB 3*, 78, #41 OLB 4*, 91
Joe Boldon 4*, 5.8 4*, #4 OLB 4*, 80, #5 ILB 4*, 96
Royce Jenkins-Stone 4*, 5.8 4*, #2 MLB 4*, 80, #9 OLB 4*, 93
Kaleb Ringer 3*, 5.7 3*, #35 MLB 3*, 79, #23 ILB 3*, 88
James Ross 4*, 5.8 4*, #7 OLB 4*, 80, #8 ILB 4*, 95
Ben Gedeon 4*, 5.8 4*, #13 OLB 4*, 80, #32 ATH 4*, 92
Mike McCray 4*, 6.0 4*, #20 OLB 4*, 81, #7 OLB 4*, 92

I would say Alabama has quite a lead- but their classes are nuts...

Let me know if any of the info is wrong- may have typed wrong (and couldn't find info for Kellen Jones on two sites)...


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Which means there is 4 hours and 40 minutes to worry about this, which is 4 hours and 39 minutes too long!  Remember people, we have a great class coming in this year and next, keep away from the ledge if this doesn't go our way.

On the otherhand, let's go Levenberry, make the right choice!  GO BLUE


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Responding from my Droid. I think I am responding to posts that are not visible here, because I was not responding to that post...some things I see on my phone but they don't show up on my computer or iPad. Sorry..


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I'm at a small liberal arts college that also doesn't offer a criminal justice major.  I know several people that have taken a combination of Political Science (Admin, Policy, and law)/Social Work/ and Sociology and even some Econ in order to create their own sort of quasi CJ degree and they're doing just fine (One of my friends, who did a Chem major is graduating in May and he already has a police job lined up).  

Considering UM has top programs in all the social sciences, and that more than anything, law enforcement departments are looking for intelligent, disciplined and hard-working individuals more than a specific degree, EJ would have no problem taking this route at UM.  Any admissions counselor with half a brain (I work in admissions at my school as well) could lay this out for him and show him that it really makes no difference in the long run if he does a CJ degree or if he does an interdisciplinary Social Sciences program focusing on issues of criminal justice.


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...if he chose Michigan, of course, but consider that we are still looking at three four-star LBs and one three-star for 2012 and two four-stars ( three, if Levenberry commits here) for 2013. Either way, it is a pretty good LB haul for two years. Still, another four-star LB never hurts.


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Just wondering, does Michigan offer anything that is equivalent to a Criminal Justice major?  I'd imagine being Pre-Law would serve one well, especially if he hoped to move up the police ladder someday and a Michigan degree certainly wouldn't hurt either.  I wouldn't think that when hiring, having a Criminal Justice major would be all that important if one could prove he was a capable and intelligent officer, since I'd imagine police academies/trainings would basically cover the same things.  .  

Just looking for some insight.

Rather be on BA

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As stated in a post above you could get a degree through taking PolSci, social work, econ, psych, sociology courses which would be similar to a CJ degree (maybe better).  Getting the CJ major itself versus an interdisciplnary social sciences degree from U of M would not make him better prepared for work in his field at all.  However, maybe he is more interested in the CJ specific classes, and would rather spend his time taking those classes than those that would be offered in a quasi-CJ program put together at U of M.  I could understand that.


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When I came to college I was SURE, that physics was the thing for me. After changing my mind more times than Jordan Payton, I am sitting here in the FXB a minute before the last aerospace exam I have to take, ever!


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But that's not even a major change. 

I picked colleges knowing for SURE that I wanted a chemistry degree.  I started out as a chem major at UM, then decided to apply to the b-school, then changed to LSA-Econ, before finally getting a degree in sociology.  I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. 

Point is, EJ might want to major in criminal justice now, but a year from now he might be pre-med.  You never know.


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The FXB first floor bathroom is hands down the best on North Campus. Atleast it was in my day. I used to really look forward to leisurely post-lecture/discussion dumps in the last stall. This was especially true on Thursday afternoons because that meant I could not only read the Daily, but the weekend guide insert (can't remember what it was called) as well. My foot was always asleep by the time I was "wrapping up."