Let the Games Begin: StubHub and etc. tickets and prices

Submitted by UMgradMSUdad on August 26th, 2012 at 1:30 PM

With less than a week to the Alabama game, the prices and offerings of tickets on the secondary market are getting interesting.  I've been watching StubHub the past few days, and it is starting to get interesting; There are more tickets available now than there were 14 hours ago (many of these seem to be the SRO tickets).  There are now more SRO tickets for sale than there were last night, but the cost for the cheapest ones has crept up.  I suspect there will be more offerings at lower prices as we get closer to the game.

Also, there are more seats priced less than $200 now than last night.  There are still several hundred seats in the $900 and up range, but I have to believe they will start coming down now too.  Everyone was predicting huge demand and therefore high prices.  I do see the demand being quite high, but the sale of all those SRO tickets increased supply so much at the low end, that it seems that supply may outstrip demand.

Here's an earlier thread on tickets for the Alabama game:


Here's a link to StubHub for those interested in checking out the ticket availability:


I suspect prices will continue to come down as we get closer to the game, but who knows for sure? Anybody else paying attention to these prices?  Do you think prices will go down as the days go by?



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The price of the ticket for the Bama game, by itself, is not the whole story for out of towners.  You also need to find accomodations and flights, with flights potentially being very pricey due to the last minute ticketing.


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True.  The proximity is definitely affecting demand for tickets right now.  That leaves people like me who are within driving distance and would need no hotel at all or one for just one night.  That is a lot fewer people and ones probably not as committed to going, so they can wait, and if prices don't drop to their liking, they can stay home. 





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How many tickets total are available on stubhub?  Roughly?

I agree that travel is the limiting reagent here for both teams.  I'm sure there's a small number of fans who made travel arrangements without tickets, but I doubt that there are hundreds and hundreds of them.  Should be interesting.


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Yeah, I live within reasonable driving distance and have family we can stay with that night so I'm keeping an eye on the prices. Maybe by Friday they'll drop to a level I feel comfortable paying but if not I'll just watch from home. Should be interesting.


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I've been watching too, and they've been creeping up since Friday morning. Earlier last week, SRO tickets were running around $60 each, and now the norm is $90 each. That price should crash on Wednesday, the last day the tickets can be sold unless they are in the posession of StubHub.


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Notice the "unless they're in the possession of StubHub" part, though. There will be tickets available for sale through StubHub until 1:00 pm game day (the ones they have physical possession of). StubHub then will set up a spot near the stadium to pickup tickets purchased even up until the day of the game, most likely a suite at one of the nearby hotels, like the Sheraton. Buyers will pay a handling fee (I think $15.00 per ticket) instead of a mailing fee.

That's how I picked up my tickets to the Sugar Bowl.  There were so many thousand unsold tickets to that game, some tickets were being sold on Stubhub for less than face value a few days before the game. I doubt that will happen for this game--there isn't the same huge excess of unsold tickets, but there still should be better prices than there are right now for buyers with patience.


Edit: I did see SRO tickets for $50.00 (face value) earlier today, but they appeared and disappeared rather quickly.  


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I was temped to sell ours but realized I am flying down and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I sold them. Ours were going for double face value as of 3 days ago.


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For people making last minute plans, if you need a hotel I have rooms at the Fairfield inn Arlington, which is two miles from the stadium.


Also, the UM Club of Dallas has reserved Humperdinks for Michigan fans in Arlington opening at 9:30 AM.  Humperdinks is located on 700 Six Flags Drive, Arlington, TX 76011.  It is located in close proximity to the stadium and will be offering a shuttle to and from the game for $10 per person round trip.



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Although I was perusing this morning and saw a listing for 3 SRO for $59 each.  Which is slightly above face but not a bad deal.

Do we think scalpers are our best bet or waiting until Wednesday for desperate ticket holders trying to dump their inventory?


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For SRO especially, I wouls advise being patient.  There are more of those for sale now than there were two days ago.  With scalpers, you do have to factor in the risk that you might be buying fake tickets.

Edit: do remember, though, that for Stubhub you will pay an additional Fedex or pickup fee that inflates the end price you will pay, so a $59 ticket will be around $75, depending on which option for delivery is available.


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In the same boat you are.  Still looking for 2x decent tickets for the MSU game.  Game just happens to be on my birthday, and it's my first Michigan game.  Would it be advisable to spend the $270 ea. on tickets that aren't in a corner, or would one be able to find tickets before the game?  I'm thinking I would much rather spend the extra money, and get to the stadium early so I can get the crying and what-not out of the way!  Being born in Florida, and growing up in North Carolina, I've never been around more than three Michigan fans at any given time; 110k+ is going to blow my mind.