Les Miles Tells Boosters He's Coaching Last Game

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Jimbo Fisher to LSU after all? 




It was one hell of a run Les... clap for em



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Ross Dellenger (@DellengerAdv) tweeted at 3:25 PM on Fri, Nov 27, 2015:
Two sources who spoke directly to Les Miles say he in no way indicated today that this would be his last game.

"Heck no," Miles said


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  • Harbaugh will never come to Michigan
  • Les Miles bought a house in Ann Arbor
  • Notre Dame is Urban Meyer's "dream job"
  • Jon Gruden is "seriously interested in [major power who has fallen on hard times]." But for realsies this time
  • Doug Marrone and David Cutcliffe are candidates for the Michigan job
  • Saban to Texas
  • Jameis Winston is an upstanding young man

and none of that came true. Lots of rumors get spread during searches. I see no reason why Jimbo would both laterally to LSU which is going to be a tougher job. Look at the ACC this year

I Like Burgers

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Not to mention its a whole HELL of a lot easier to make the playoff at FSU than it is at LSU.  I just don't see many coaches wanting to leave a situation like FSU for one where 10-win seasons isn't good enough.

Jimbo is already at $5M a season.  To leave FSU for LSU, they would have to go into the $7-8M/year range.  He'd need a significant "put up with booster bullshit" bonus.

M Squared

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Wait, you think Tom Herman of Houston would be a "home run" hire to replace Les Miles?  Les has one of the strongest track records in all of college football.  Tom Herman has been HC for one year.  The flavor of the month type thinking w/ coaching hires has led to many a disaster.  Apologies if you're referring to another Herman that I am missing.


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My story about Michigan Football:

Chile is good. Add beans and hot sauce. Mmmmmm! Every try it with cheese? Wowie, so delicious. Have some bread with it too.
Three Cheers for Chili
Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray
Hip hip hooray


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Hope they end up doing a Nebraska!  Serve 'em right getting rid of a guy this this.  Les Miles should have gotten an option to retire or something this is an ugly way to change coaches.


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They are beyond "so" fucking stupid and have entered into "immeasurably" fucking stupid.

We'll check back with them in five years to see how this has worked out for them.