Les Miles stepping down?

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If it's true, it doesn't really effect Michigan except for coaches we could potentially poach.


Sam McGaw @sammcgaw There are rumors that LSU head football coach Les Miles will step down on Monday after allegedly having an affair with a student. Hmm..

Jacob J Mayer @jacobjmayer Rumors going around that Les Miles is resigning Monday. Haven't seen anything to back it up, but Tigerdroppings admins are working overtime 



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Not very many write-ups on this, but RantSports had one (LINK).

This story and many tweets do stress that, at the moment, there is no evidence to support the claim, but I would think that, in a scenario where it was true (lots of people on Twitter going out of their way to point out the lack of evidence at the moment) the timing couldn't be worse as you would have to make a bumbling transition to one of the coordinators more than likely with no time to hire someone impactful. There would also be considerable difficulty getting top-tier recruits to come to LSU, I would imagine. Les leaving because he doesn't want to coach anymore is something they could likely manage fairly smoothly, but in any other case, I would see LSU as desperately unprepared. 

EDIT: PatWhiteSports is now tweeting that they have a source claiming that this rumor is not true.



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If true this is an absolute tragedy for the game of college football. A solid 50% at least of my non-Michigan college football entertainment comes from his ridiculous antics, pressers and otherwise. And who will step up to troll Saban?

BOX House

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Who are these students who get involved in these situations? I understand the jersey-chaser mindset to a certain extent, but these dudes are old. Gotta be some serious insecurities at work.


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A 19 year old co-ed is basicallly deciding between fucking a guy on a dorm-room bunk bed while his creepy roommate rubs one out under the sheets, hooking up on a beer-soaked couch in a frat house, or chasing down that old high school flame who still lives with his parents.  Or she can go over to a famous multi-millionaire's house and bone down on a snakeskin waterbed (probably how Miles rocks it) and maybe pick up a spare national championship ring.

Hooking up with an middle-aged, not that bad looking or out of shape rich dude seems way more sane than the typical alternative.  Though I'm not a sexy lady, so what the fuck do I know.

BOX House

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Yeah, but hooking up in dorms and frat houses is what college kids do - that's what your supposed to do. The alternative seems creepy and weird to me. Maybe I'm biased because I'm a dude who didn't mind hooking up in a beer-soaked frat house basement, though. 


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Well, there isn't exactly a huge smorgasbord of multi-bazillion dollar rich and powerful football coaches hanging out at every college in America, so the choices for your average coed don't usually include them.  The reason "hooking up in dorms and frat houses is what college kids do" is because there are millions of drunk frat boys and not that many coaches on the prowl; if rich-ass sex-starved sugar daddies were more common, so would coeds that hook up with them.


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I think you're leaving out the majority of the boning that occurs with sophomore through senior guys who live in apartments/houses with their own bedrooms.  I'm pretty sure that's a lot more sane than shacking up with a man who's breath smells like a mixture of Werther's Originals and Kentucky bluegrass.


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@footballscoop , who is much more reputable than either of the two people listed in the OP, said that he talked to a source who said that this rumor is incorrect.


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If Louisiana coaches are anything like their politicians, the only way Miles would be forced from his job is if he was caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.

Benoit Balls

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is rumor on the Tweeter, nothing substansiated. And Tiger Droppings has "the last and only thread concerning Miles rumors" where the only post (from a mod, Im guessing) says:

"Unless it is reported by a credible news source (as determined by the discretion of the admin staff), threads and posts alluding to same will be deleted, and the persons posting them will be evaluated. 

Consider yourself warned."