Les Miles: Hindsight is clearly 20/20

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Man, after watching this, I am so grateful that we have Rich Rod and the whole Les Myles fiasco turned out the way it did with our school. This man is the head coach of a top SEC school. Scary. I know he's all Blue, but that didn't compel him to come coach here. And after watching this, thank the good Lord he didn't:



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that you don't like about this? Just his overall scatter-brained demeanor? Because that is pretty ridiculous and he definitely doesn't come off as a professional. But did you see that game? Clearly he is a little defensive because Volunteer nation thought he just stole a game from them. He is trying to explain why his team looked so bad towards the end of the clock, and how UT going back and forth with them on personnel packages caused the penalty. I don't buy it, though because this has happened to LSU before


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That video is about 8:30 seconds to long.....he is as articulate as George W Bush not saying anything about his coaching ability, but interviews/public speaking dont seem like one of his strong points.


Not sure is anyone has seen this site The Quotable Les Miles

Robbie Moore

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...knew what he was doing when he was incommunicado on his yacht the weekend he was supposed to hire Myles.  Anybody else think Myles comments were reminiscent of Rod Marinelli?


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The guys in the background were all I needed to see in the first two minutes of that video to know that Miles was selling some serious BS.  Those guys looked bored as hell.  

Les is certainly a memorable guy with some interesting quotes, but there is no reason he needed to go into that much detail.  All he needed to do was own it: "We made a horrible series of play calls, none of which were worse than the goal line play at the end of regulation. Tennessee played a great game and deserved the win as much as we did.  It was an ugly win for us, but a win is a win and we'll take all we can get."

That said, I too was high on Les around the time LC retired.  I'm so glad he isn't our coach. 

I can't figure out if the first three years he "over performed" or if the last two he has "under-performed".  To his credit, two of his losses each year have been to Alabama and Florida, no shame in losing to those schools given the seasons/talent they had.  It's the Ole Miss an Arkansas losses that don't look so hot. 

Communist Football

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and I root for his team.  But I am SO GLAD he's not our coach!  This board is insane enough without an insane coach to boot.  He rants for minutes on end without taking questions -- intermittently screaming for no obvious reason -- wack!  Get him some meds!

Apparently one of the LSU players called a players-only meeting on the heels of that game...


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you can't judge how he would have acted at Michigan. I think in general SEC coaches are more aggressive, mean (for lack of a better word) and have dick-ish behavior, compared to the B10, where it is much more gentlemanly.

I don't think a guy like Kiffin would have been tolerated at all in the B10.

might and main

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I had zero doubt that he was my top choice at the time.  I remember being totally deflated that Saturday when the sh*t hit the fan and he said he was staying at LSU.  But in hind sight, as you say, wow, I'm so glad things went as they did. I have to take this opportunity to realize just how incredibly wrong I was.  Glad I wasn't the AD.


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Harbaugh definitely had a huge problem trying to beat a team that could execute the spread option.  He pretty much had his own Oregon Debacle last Saturday.  I like Harbaugh, but I think he may be a bit anachronistic for today's game.  Of all the people mentioned as "serious candidates" for the job, only Kirk Ferentz has indicated that he may have been able to handle it. 

I am firmly convinced that Michigan got the right coach.  There are a few others who I think may have done a good job, but I think RR will get this team competing for National Championships soon.  The most exciting offense in college football has already arrived in Ann Arbor; it's only a matter of time before the defense becomes good enough to help that offense turn Michigan into a team that is in the top five more often than not.


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we start recruiting top flight defensive players that actually STAY with us. Hopefully it all starts in a matter of weeks with HaHa and Walls. Our sheer explosiveness/near invincibility with RR's offense combined with a quick and hard-hitting and tackling defense makes you want to foam at the mouth..imagine a defensive recruit looking at all those openings available to them as a freshman. If we keep up our winning ways, I think RR will close out this recruiting season with a legendary class. It's already slowly beginning to materialize with Sam Webb talking about the shock 5-star who may be coming our way....phew. Time to compose myself.


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Fo what it's worth, Stanford gave up 626 total yards to Oregon, 388 yards came on the ground. That's more than what we gave up to Indiana in Total Yards.  I haven't heard an of the national media questioning Harbaugh's ability to coach defense.  


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Giving 16 points to Tennessee?!  I know the Vols are struggling, but to give that many points to a decent conference foe had to have you salivating as you made your bet.  And the fact that LSU often plays down to their competition (as long as it's not some 1-AA scrub).

Black Kerouac

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See, that's what happens when you screw up three or four late game situations...you find yourself having to explain yourself in a rambling monologue to a rabid, drunk, potentially violent ESS EEE CEE fanbase. The funniest part is he looks like a kid trying to explain to his parents how the flat screen TV ended up on fire.

If this was the first time it happened, that video is :45, tops. Let's not all go crazy and extrapolate this into meaning he would have been a bust at Michigan, though. We'd have a surplus of beastly defensive recruits at the very least.


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That is a talent rich state that has to beat top prospects off with a stick so many guys want to play there.  I doubt he'd do well up here competing with Ohio State in wider recruiting net.

Webber's Pimp

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I would hope that those who were critical of thr RRod hiring are man enough to admit that they were wrong. We've been through a very difficult stretch here in A2 thanks in no part to a segment of fans who have failed to support our coach...Alas, RRod is proving aallot of people wrong with what I would characterize as the most exciting Michigan offense I've seen during my tenure as a Michigan fan (25 years and running now)...

Twisted Martini

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Think about it, if Pat White doesn't get hurt they probably beat Pitt and we are looking at the "Hello Les Miles" post by Brian.  It wouldn't surprise me if he got hired by someone like Minnesota or Illinois if he gets shitcanned.  He's a good coach not a great one, and LSU fans were spoiled by Nick Satan. 

Crime Reporter

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And I was one of those who really wanted Les Miles -- or Myles, if you prefer. Needless to say, I'm happy with our current situation.

I like how he raises his voice and then gets real quiet. The Mad Hatter indeed.


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It's funny cause a lot of Michigan fans were singing his tune three years ago. While I can't say I was any different, I can say that looking back it wouldn't have been the right choice. It just wasn't meant to be.

I love Rich Rodriguiez and it pains me that he's gotten as much grief as he has these past three years. Never have I rooted so hard for someone to succeed as I have this man, just because I know the unnecessary trouble he's gone through.

I hope Les continues to see success at LSU, no matter how looney he can be. The fact of the matter is, is that he still wins games.