Mr. Yost

September 25th, 2016 at 5:32 PM ^

What did Saban do?

Harbaugh has a bunch of guys in the same role...but they're not long-tenure HCs who can still be HCs now. Same with Saban's staff.

Why not get Spurrier? How about we grab Frank Beamer?! Mack Brown...get him off ESPN/ABC, hire him so we can recruit Texas!!!

What are we waiting for?!!!

Think MGoTeacher...THINK.

Mr. Yost

September 25th, 2016 at 6:19 PM ^

  1. The guys who are HC candidates...are on the offensive side of the ball. You want to hire Les Miles to coach offense?
  2. Sure he has a connection to Michigan...why in the WORLD would Les Miles come to Michigan in say, December (because now you're saying someone has to leave), to be an assistant coach?

FYI - He's never coached defense...he's coached OL, TEs and he was an OC at Oklahoma St. - sooo that's not an answer either.

If he wants to help us...go be the head coach at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans and send us your best players.


September 25th, 2016 at 8:31 PM ^

Why does he have to take someone's spot? There's not actually a limit on analysts. Didn't you notice Harbaugh hired like 20 of them without firing anybody?

I also don't get why people are arguing Les can't be here because he was an HC for a long time. Where's the track record of that going wrong? Les is old. He loves Michigan. He may be totally fine with it. He strikes me as a pretty easygoing guy.

Having said that, I don't get why a few people here are obsessed with hiring him in some capacity. Who cares?

"There's no rule governing that?" Referring to Saban hiring Sark and having so many on staff.

Mandel: "No, it's been talked about but deemed impossible to enforce."