Leonte Caroo not practicing for Rutgers

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Brian said this this morning on WTKA. On the podcast, you can listen to it if you do not believe.





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far easier to adjust if we're prepared for Caroo and he's not playing than it is to adjust if we're not prepared for Caroo and he is playing at 75% or better.  What's his injury supposed to be?


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10 current job openings in college football, and yet Kyle Flood, a guy who sent an e-mail to a professor to try and get a players grade changed, can't recruit that well and hasn't had great results on the field still has a job. Nothing crazier then college football.

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Rutgers finishes with Nebraska, @Army, and Maryland. Those are 3 winnable games with Carroo at full health. Finish 6-6, and maybe he can save his job. Why risk that in a road game at Michigan where you have a very slim chance of winning? If Carroo isn't well enough to play at a high level or at risk of reinjuring his ankle (which he already did once against OSU), I would hold him out if I were Kyle Flood.


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Not only were Peppers and Carroo teammates at Don Bosco HS for a year, they were both on a 4 x 400 relay team that included Elijah Schumate of Notre Dame. They finished second in the country that year in the nationals in California.