Leonard Fournette will be at Michigan for the weekend.

Submitted by awful waffle on July 21st, 2013 at 5:26 PM

Per TomVH on Twitter. He'll leave his house Thursday and visit Michigan until Sunday, which is the BBQ. A long shot for sure, but hey, a few days at Michigan is a good thing.

EDIT - Scout has information, too, but it's paywalled. I'll just say that Mr. Fournette says Leonard is NOT an LSU lock.



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Has anyone seen absolute confirmation that Peppers will be at the BBQ?  I've only seen people assume he would be without official confirmation.


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I know I'm replying out of order, but I've been saying since forever that Fournette is not going to LSU.  I'm under the impression that every member here gets one Raback, sort of like a coaches challenge.  I'm using mine.  Fournette will play for the University of Michigan.  It's my gut feeling.  Crystal ball it.  You heard it here.  If I'm right, I will not let it go, not that anyone on here would care.

Mr. Yost

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I'm not as far out as you are, but I'm ahead of most...I'm actually waiting for this weekend (which is kind of cheap, I know). If Peppers is there and they have a great weekend...I'll jump in the boat with you. I still think it would be ahead of most people (and understandably so), but there was once a time when we had no shot at Green or Hand...this is creeping into that territory.


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With Derrick Green as the front runner to step into starting RB spot in 2014, our primary selling point will be a dual RB system. I will very eager to see how well Green and Fitz work together this year. That could be huge in getting Fournette to commit.


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This actually brings up a question I never thought to ask: what kind of runner is Fournette?

I didn't know anything about him until Peppers stepped in and got him to visit. I pretty much know he's a RB, the #1 recruit in the country, and expected to stay down south. Just curious how his playing style would meld with Green's. Any good scouting reports or posters' general impressions on the type of player he is?


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Looking at his highlight reel, he definitely seems to have more speed than Green...an North/South runner but one who is not afraid to get to the outside. He also seems to have nice pass catching skills out of the flat. A comparison of Green/Fournette to Ingram/Richardson may not be that off base.


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When I watched his tape the one time about a month ago it was around the 5-7 min mark before any part of his body other than his feet touched the field (and it was his hand after he scored a TD and an opponent was still trying to wrestle him down to no success). Prospect wise, he is on another level than even Green was/is. That says a lot.


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Watch this if you haven't seen it yet. I know it's a highlight reel, but the fact that it's 6 minutes of touchdowns is extremely impressive.


I'll just say that whether we get him or not, I'll follow his career with some interest. He looks more impressive than any back I've seen coming out of high school maybe ever. Given, I haven't had access to film other than maybe the past decade, but still, he looks really, really good.


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Disclaimer: I've only seen Fournette's highlight films.

That being said, my mind leaps to a bizarre-sounding comparison, but I think it's accurate. Fournette reminds me of Mike Hart. It really looks like he has good vision and instincts, knowing exactly how to slow up, turn the defender around, etc. That's one thing you can't teach very well. Thomas Rawls' lack of relative success thus far is just one of many examples. Of course, Fournette has a lot more physical tools than Hart does, but to me, vision and instincts trump the rest when you're looking for a running back. Take this with a grain of salt.


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to these two although Fournette is much bigger than Reggie coming out of h.s., so I think we're getting two of the same, if that were to happen. Kid weighs around 220 right now. His speed must be significantly faster-I don't know that-for OP to make that comparison