Leonard Fournette will be at Michigan for the weekend.

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Per TomVH on Twitter. He'll leave his house Thursday and visit Michigan until Sunday, which is the BBQ. A long shot for sure, but hey, a few days at Michigan is a good thing.

EDIT - Scout has information, too, but it's paywalled. I'll just say that Mr. Fournette says Leonard is NOT an LSU lock.


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TVH just confirmed we will have 3 instate RBs and 1 out of state RB visiting this weekend.  



So Michigan will have at least 3 out of state RB's and one in state RB on campus this week/weekend:


I'm just excited Fournette isn't just stopping by, but commiting to a 3-4 day visit.

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Wow, that'd be great if he's staying for that long. Honestly I wasn't expecting any more than him heading into town for the BBQ then heading back out. Bama and LSU are still the schools to beat until Fournette actually comes out and says otherwise, but hey, with this coaching staff, you get a kid on-campus and anything can happen.

Hopefully the commissioner can make his way into town, too.

Perkis-Size Me

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I don't know if he's ever actually said that LSU and Bama are his favorites, but I know those have been the presumed favorites for a long time and he's never said that assumption was wrong. So we just have to take the info we can get.

I just really try to err on the side of caution with recruiting, but if he has a good visit, I agree that Michigan has a great shot. I think Jabrill already being committed is huge. Fournette knows how good he is, and he obviously wants to play with guys who are just as good at their respective positions as he is. Hand being really interested and being a presumed favorite only helps our chances, too.


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I'm giving the fact that when Fournette gives interviews, he goes out of his way to insist that he has no leaders. If you ask him, he won't confirm that LSU and Bama are his leaders, he'll say he's wide open. So, factually, its not correct that Fournette won't refute the LSU/Bama thing, he refutes it every time he talks.

However, what recruits say to media and what they actually think are very often two different things. An easy example: Peppers told our commits privately that he was Blue months before his announcement, yet he insisted he was open and talked about "secret visits" and things until the very end.

In Fournette's case, all the analysts/reporters who have sources close to Fournette say its LSU vs Bama and that LSU has the edge. Now, I'm sure some of the tone of absolute certainty that comes along with that comes from history not directly related to Fournette (top recruits from SEC country rarely leave SEC country, and LSU is typically good at locking up Louisiana) and some of it is simple groupthink, but I don't think there's much doubt that the LSU vs Bama line has a solid basis in reality, regardless of what Fournette says when he's on the record.

edit: I'm excited for this weekend though. The BBQ is a great event, its where the Derrick Green recruitment really turned in our favor last year, Coach Jackson is an excellent recruiter who just so happens to be from Louisiana, Fournette is staying for multiple days, he brought his dad along...there's a lot there to be optimistic that this weekend could really put us in the picture.


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In honor of the impending visit, and for those who may have not seen any highlights quite yet, here are some for your perusal. Yes, Fournette and/or Green in the offensive backfield would be a nice quandary to have if it could happen.

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All I keep envision is one of my all-time favorite Michigan players: Orleans, LA native Leroy Hoard. Thunder and lightening kids!!


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Great news to have him up here so long.  He looks like a bit heavier version of TJ Yeldon to me - seems tall like Yeldon, maybe a tad bit slower but even bigger body wise, but just making those kids in his highlight reel look like ... well kids.   AP is AP - I am sure the comparison is based on size but there is one AP and not going to compare just like comparing Peppers to Woodson is silly - we should be thrilled to get a Ty Law type of career out of Peppers.  I feel very good that any kid spending this much time with the staff and feeling the family atmosphere and seeing the campus and facilities is not going to downgrade Michigan on his list of choices.


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Totally overrated.  Watch the recruiting video for while.  There's at least two plays in there where he fails to even score a touchdown.  Not Michigan material.  


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he barely touched the ground at all in 6 minutes of film, he looks special indeed.

I went to rivals to check on his stats and it showed that he had 1,735 yds., a 10 yd./carry avg. and 22 TD's and i thought to myself, it looked like that's how many TD's he scored in the reel I watched and after further examination, I noticed that that was his Freshman year in 2010, just fucking wow!!!


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I would love it, but it takes a certain type of person to wear the winged helmet for Hoke. Hoke recruits even better than Bo and that's because he goes for raw talent and Bo had 105 ships to give away. However, they must still possess the same character, as Bo liked to call it to be considered for an offer to MI. Now Peppers certainly fits that bill.  Things slipped somewhat duruing the transition to Mo and Lo and although by and large we were still getting plenty of quality kids, i.e. Dhana Jones, we were also getting our share of players getting in off the field trouble.  Gone were the days of Cannavinos, Dufeks, Mallorys, et.al., and talent first seemed to be a priority.  Character wins out and Hoke knows this. However, he is also aware that the mix of both makes for a much better combination. I don't know anything about LF and his grades or his future plans. If he wants a solid education and has the grades to indicate such, then this would be a good fit. If he wants to showcase his talent for the NFL, the SEC would be a much better fit.