Leonard Fournette to take official visit to Michigan

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Per Steve Lorenz and Kipp Adams:


#1 overall prospect, RB Leonard Fournette, to take #Michigan official visit, per @KippLAdams (FREE): http://t.co/g9964fVcvY

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) August 1, 2013

After having to miss the BBQ due to (likely) family circumstances, the nation's #1 overall recruit (according to 247 composite) will be visiting Ann Arbor.  Hopefully we can somehow pull out a miracle here, but whether or not we can, it's a testament to how good our recruiting has become in the last few yers.



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To come up to Michigan. If he wasn't interested, he probably wouldn't.

Let Hoke and company work their magic. I just hope they saved some of that BBQ.


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“I am going to commit to the school that makes me feel at home, where I felt the coaches kept it real with me and a program that treats me like a regular person and not just an athlete,” Fournette said.

Regardless of the relative chances of landing Leonard Fournette, I do like to think that hat Fournette is saying right here is basically what gives this staff at least a nominal shot with almost any recruit. This statement encapsulates something that Hoke and the staff are incredibly good at, and even better, sincere in doing. 

Mr. Yost

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But I just think the atmosphere and excitement with all of the recruits on campus at the same time is what really makes the BBQ special. Thats what every single kid says.

Fournette will certainly get more attention, but I just don't see us being able to duplicate that environment unless we can have some other big visit weekend. But is that really going to happen during fall camp?

Ron Utah

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From the article:

Fournette insists no one school is standing out currently, come Jan. 2, 2014, the country is currently scheduled to learn which lucky school will add the consensus five-star back. Fournette originally planned to make his decision at the end of the summer, but now plans to wait it out, take his official visits, and make his decision at this year’s Under Armour All-America Game in January. 

His father outlined what it will take to land his highly-coveted son.

“Leonard is looking for a place where he feels like home and most comfortable with the coaches,” Fournette II said. “He wants a coach that is going to give him a chance to get playing time and touch that ball.”

Leonard the son says his father will play an integral role in his decision, just as he has been an important part of his life. Everything in his recruitment, including almost all communication from college coaches goes through Leonard II.

Still, the five-star back, one of the most coveted in a decade, gave some hints as to what the winning school can do to land his services. 

“I am going to commit to the school that makes me feel at home, where I felt the coaches kept it real with me and a program that treats me like a regular person and not just an athlete,” Fournette said.

If that is all actually true, and not just lip service, then Michigan potentially fits that description as well as any school in the country.  That said, LSU is the heavy favorite, and this is a long, long, long shot.


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I'm starting to think everyone is just assuming that LSU is the heavy, heavy, heavy favorite without Fournette's approval. I don't think anyone has a quote where Fournette indicates that that's true. Sure, he's been to campus a bazillion times but Fournette obviously doesn't seem too jumpy to go there and he's still scheduling visits to lots of other places even after going to LSU so many times

I think he might be one of those guys who's likes a place, but is still looking for something better


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Lock it ladies and gentleman Fournette is ours!!!!

We just locked up Peppers, Campbell and Hand is a strong lean now. Top 5 talent Nationally.

Recruits are seeing what is happening at Michigan! This isn't due to shits and giggles its because we are the future!!!! The word is out !

Your up next Mr. Hand :-)

This is our defense in the next two years