Leonard Fournette to take official visit to Michigan

Submitted by a2_electricboogaloo on August 1st, 2013 at 12:11 AM

Per Steve Lorenz and Kipp Adams:


#1 overall prospect, RB Leonard Fournette, to take #Michigan official visit, per @KippLAdams (FREE): http://t.co/g9964fVcvY

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) August 1, 2013

After having to miss the BBQ due to (likely) family circumstances, the nation's #1 overall recruit (according to 247 composite) will be visiting Ann Arbor.  Hopefully we can somehow pull out a miracle here, but whether or not we can, it's a testament to how good our recruiting has become in the last few yers.



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Eh.. Long hair don't care.  The article says nothing about family issues and that he had to cancel because he was preparing for his season...  Huh?  Sounds like he just bailed.  Not coming here for college.


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Damien Harris also missed the BBQ becuase he had preperations for his season too.  Just sayin'. (I hoenstly do think there's more to it than that.  It'd seem strange to randomly cancel a   trip paid for from his family's own pocked.  It sounds like his grandma is/was sick)

It's still super unlikely, but you get a guy on campus and anything can happen.

814 East U

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if he came to the BBQ and then decided to take an official here I would be more excited. Seems like he has his top 2-3 and the other 2 visits are gravy. However, with CROOTIN' anything can happen


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I just watched Tosh.O where your avatar gets a web redemption calling a pick up game with Gus Johnson.  Probably an old one but when watching I was thinking where have I seen that guy before?


EDIT: Damn, that epsoide was two years ago - late to the game.


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I find it very hard to believe that he and his brother (a 2015 RB) both want to play the same position at the same school for roughly their entire collegiate careers. I know RB committees are on the rise, but I would be absolutely crushed if my brother walked into my biggest shot at a premier internship for my dream career and just knocked it out of the park and stole my position.


August 1st, 2013 at 10:02 AM ^

yes, one as a running back and one as a wide receiver. I'm saying if both guys are running backs and both want to stay at running back in college and eventually go to the NFL, then it would be more successful for their individual careers to play at different schools.


August 1st, 2013 at 9:55 AM ^

yeah but I'm talking two guys at the same position where there is only one spot. offensive linemen can slide over until the other brother leaves. If both Fournettes want to play running back, then odds are they'd be competing against each other, not really playing with each other.

M Go Dead

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Thanks, my account name actually came from when the Dead played at Crisler in the early nineties and some shirts were made that said "M Go Dead" and had a steely on it. That steely was all maize and just had the block M in the head with blue making up the outside. But I can't find it online anywhere, so made due with this.


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Been to LSU SEVEN times and they're also enticing his younger brother?!! Doesn't really matter, it is family first at Michigan; what Fournette wants. You can bet your sweet ass Hoke would not address him all like: "Yeah, you're good, but I see good every day" kind of horse shit.


Al Borges, two tail-back system would work. Even if it's just extra depth, we need it. I'm crossing my fingers for a trip to UTL II.