Leon McQuay III sets his Michigan visit

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Per Tremendous:

I talked with 2013 DB Leon McQuay tonight who informed me that his official visit to Michigan will be for the Northwestern game

This is a very good sign for Michigan and he's also spending that entire weekend in Ann Arbor.  Hopefully Jack Kennedy and Joe Reynolds will host him!



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we should be getting verbals from 2017 athletes by now - I can't believe how much this program has fallen off!


EDIT: with that picture in the OP, LM3 could play Link from the Mod Squad if his football and/or singing career doesn't pan out


swan flu

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some schools weight honors classes to limit kids taking easy classes just to get a higher GPA.  (ala, an honors A is worth 5.0 vs a 4.0 in a normal class).  But most colleges refuse to look at weighted GPA, but instead look at unweighted GPA and # of honors classes taken as seperate categories.

Source=I'm a high school teacher

Hope this is helpful


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We could very well take 6 DBs this class and have room for them all. We have a solid field corner in Jourdan Lewis, a pair of tall boundry corner types in Gareon Conley and project recruit Channing Stribling, a slot/nickel corner type in Ross Douglass, and a star candidate for Strong Safety in Dymonte Thomas. If Leon McQuay commits he could be the immediate impact contirbutor at Boundary Corner while Conley and Stribling put on needed weight, then move to Free Safety after they finish with their redshirt year. McQuay and LaQuon Treadwell would be a dream finish for this class. 

Most of these 2013 DBs will see immmediate playing time as true freshman because by the time they're enrolled we will only have 4 scholarship CB's returning to play the 3 CB spots, and 4 Safeties returning for the 2 Safety spots.