Legitimate ranking for Wilton Speight?

Submitted by Sione's Flow on February 28th, 2013 at 12:19 AM

 I was wondering if some of the more proficient members of this board had any conjectures on how high Wilton Speight, might be ranked when it's all said and done?



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Not really....a lot of Watch List guys end up as three-stars.  In Speight's case I think that's what'll happen.  On the Rivals scale I would think 5.7, which is the highest you can go as a three-star before you hit four.  A good senior year could make him a 5.8.  Harder to say with ESPN's because they keep shifting it.


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Why trust Magnus more than you? What do we actually know about what Magnus actually knows? You're both just anonymous posters on an internet message board. Magnus just happens to have a website. In reality, though, he may or may not know what he's talking about.


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Without knowing who Magnus is, I think a lot of people will trust him because he has built credibility over time. We don't appreciate Magnus because he says he's a coach, we appreciate him because we've seen a lot of his predictions come true over time, and his analysis of players is well reasoned and objective. 


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he made that have come true? He gives a generalised eval on recruits that never really predict anything. He might say likes 1 recruit over another but he never makes any bold predicitions. And hes wrong on the talent evals every bit as much as he is right. I don't want to hate on the guy.. I value his opinions as much as I value Ace or Brians's. They are all just Michigan fans who might know a ittle more than the average fan..but they sure as hell arent pros.


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You're right that I don't make a ton of predictions about who will pick what school (because it's a fool's errand, plus I don't often talk to recruits).  However, what I'm assuming he's referring to is player evaluations.  And while I have been wrong at times, I generally have a pretty good bead on players' strengths and weaknesses, where they're going to struggle, etc.  I miss on a few guys here or there, but I like to think I hit more than I miss (Jake Ryan, Desmond Morgan, Ricardo Miller, Jerald Robinson, Jeremy Jackson).  Hell, I take flak sometimes for rating Frank Clark too low, but in his commitment post, I mentioned that he gets his shoulders turned too often and doesn't always wrap up ball carriers (link); and so far he's been a solid backup, which is in line with his TTB Rating of 59 (aka Good backup or below average starter).  I'm far from perfect, but there are some people in the Michigan blogosphere/recruiting analyst world who think every kid is going to make an impact or turn into a star.


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I think he will end up a 4-star. You have to look at his size, accuracy, statistics vs good competition, etc. I went and watched additional film and did see some balls that were thrown off of his back foot. That shouldn't worry you because realistically it is so much easier to change then say a tebow-like release. Plus he is young and can get away with that kind of footwork in HS. Believe me, if this is a serious issue with him his QB coach and the coaches at the camps will ridicule him for it and work hard to fix it. The star system doesn't mean a whole lot yet. Trust the staff. Speight will be great


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First, whether it's fair or not, I think arm strength is one of the biggest determining factor for QB star rankings. They're trying to predict potential, remember, and arm strength is probably the most difficult thing to change about a QB. You aren't going to see many weaker-armed prospects at the top, or cannon-armed kids at the bottom. Not necessarily saying Speight fits into the flimsy arm category because it's really not all that bad, but I think the rankings guys are looking into that before everything you mentioned.

Second, his competition sucks. 


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I coach offense and watch film daily. From what I have watched of him I think he has very solid accuracy, especially downfield. For his size he moves very well and keeps plays alive. He's always looking downfield with great poise in the pocket. He doesn't have an A+ arm but neither does Joe Montana or Tom Brady. He appears to have great work ethic and leadership from his work with a QB coach and his recruiting efforts with our beloved maize n blue. I haven't broken down his footwork yet but I do like his release and don't think it needs to be tweaked much if at all. Just based on gut and nothing more I actually think Speight may very well be every bit as good, if not better then Sugar Shane Morris. I know a lot of you probably won't appreciate that but I've always thought that a guy with Wilton's attributes gives him a better chance to succeed in our type of offense then a gunslinger like Morris. I love Shane's film but he relies way too much on his arm and at the college level that will get you in trouble real quick. While I do think Shane has the tools and the head on his shoulders to maximize his potential I have never been high on a lefty. Nothing against left handed qb's, it's just there aren't many and the success rate amongst them isn't great because it essentially flips everything within an offense. Both of our incoming QB's have what it takes. I'm beyond happy with the sudden quality of the position, especially if Devin gets a 5th year.


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He'll go to camps, and he'll be a Mid/High 4 Star...

Trent Dilfer would'nt express interest in seeing him in person if he already didn't think highly of him/know who he is...

However, if he's a 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 star, Michigan is still getting the same player, and our coaches think he is the best QB in the nation....

One offer and one commit....

Sione's Flow

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I trust the coaches know what they're doing in offering Speight. It was just curiosity to see what others thought about his potential ranking. Based on his video, his accuracy is top notch and he puts the ball in good spots for his receivers.


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All I saw in that video was the deep ball. I know things have been said about his arm strength but how's his accuracy on other throws? Can he hit a 15 yard comeback?

If he can show he can make other throws I think he'll definitely be a four star before it's all said and done.


February 28th, 2013 at 2:55 AM ^

There were a couple throws on film where he threw a 12-15 yard out from the opposite hash and delivered it with good velocity and perfect accuracy. His height should help with the shorter routes, especially across the middle. I also say higher level four star that clearly has great upside. I want to see him throw a post vs cover two and hit him in that small window.


February 28th, 2013 at 9:00 AM ^

Seriously though, I think he is a guy who can turn into a pretty darn good QB given time to develop - and the UM QB situation will allow him just that...Redshirt a year, backup Morris for a while, then all systems GO!


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I want everyone to know that I do not personally know Magnus. However, I do know something about recruiting and college football. I trust his opinions to be valid and accurate to the extent one's opinion this topic can be and he is not bias in his evaluations. Recruiting is marathon, not a sprint. Moreover, 18 year old kids change their opinion on a near daily basis. The bottom line is one needs to understand that this process is fluid and kids will change their position on a dime.


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That he wasn't planning on camping anywhere .. Which will hurt him in rankings via the sites, but who cares. The coaching staff knows what they are looking for and the dud a thorough evaluation before offering him, which makes him a solid recruit


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He is playing in the Under Armour All American game. Good for him if he decides not to camp. Shows that he is extremely happy with his decision to attend Michigan, and he has nothing to prove to anyone else.

Drunk Uncle

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He's on the ESPN 150 Watch List, invited to the UA game. Michigan (Heck?)  liked him a lot when they saw him throw and that also says a lot. 

If he has a good year and a good camp or two, he could shoot up the boards and be as highly rated or higher than Shane. If he gets injured, he could drop.

Look at his film. He's accurate and shows good touch. What could hold him back in the rankings is arm strength and the slight hitch in his throw. But, these last two factors are less important than accuracy/touch. 

Legit 4* and will be a top 12 rated pro-style QB in his class. 

He's been a fantastic recruiter so far for team 135 and you can't put a star rating on that. 


February 28th, 2013 at 2:47 PM ^

He's not camp crazy or 7-on-7 warrior or elite HS league, so low 4 star largely driven by UM endorsement.

More important for his credibility with other recruits than anything else.