The Legend of the Space Emperor grows

Submitted by BlueFish on August 30th, 2010 at 10:18 AM

This just in: According to an article yesterday on MLive, Zoltan not only excelled at punting last year, but he also led the team in scoring!

4. Shore up the kicking game Resolution: As much as it can determine the difference between victory and defeat, this is something largely beyond the bounds of a coaching staff's control.  For all the Wolverines' troubles last year, the kicking game was not among them, with Zoltan Mesko handling all duties and emerging as one of the most outstanding punters in the nation, while hitting 11 of 15 field goals, including a long of 51 yards.

Perhaps the next article will credit Jason Olesnavage for coaching the LBs?



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shook my head, wondered aloud why he's not in prison, and silently prayed that the rampantly uninformed media-crushing we're taking like little defenseless puppies won't last past week 2. 


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I read that too.  It is unbelievable to me that someone with such little knowledge is employed to write about Michigan football.  Your job is to watch football and write about it, a dream job for many, and you can get something like that so wrong?  Ridiculous.


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Yesterday's print edition of the Flint Journal had a full page Michigan preview. Acoompanied by this article, and a full page picture of Ezeh with another Mayo article about Obi being a key to the D. No disrespect meant to Ezeh, who I like and hope has a great season, but he's far from the "feature" player on this years defense.