LeBron to Cleveland supposedly confirmed by some 21st century investigating

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on July 10th, 2014 at 9:59 AM

I know the LBJ-to-Cleveland smoke is getting thicker and thicker, but I thought this was a pretty great piece of internet sleuthing. Tweet below:


21st Century sleuthing. RT @mattborcas: Web developer friend's take on the http://t.co/euNrsZxo2X stuff: pic.twitter.com/iYbyVRWR33

— Neal Rothschild (@nrothschild3) July 10, 2014

Text of the message in twit pic in case you can't see it:

"But I think LeBron James is going to Cleveland. I just ran Firebug across his site and came up with a few things... Right now, there are pages on his site that were built yesterday. There is no content on them, but they do have a color palette. ffbb42, 012a60, 870038, ffffff. Those are the colors of the Cleveland Cavaliers for those of you too lazy to plug them into a hex chart. Everything else is the same. His web developer built pages with a navy blue header, crimson font sets, and golden accents. That seems a little suspect."



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...gets wayyy too much press over this stuff.  Yes, best player in the NBA, but by playing it all out in this manner he's feeding his own ego.  Jordan was just as dominant of a player in his day as Lebron is now, but you'd never see MJ holding the sports world press hostage like this. 


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of thing is part of sports now to the degree that you cannot seperate it from the game.  Free agency has become less of a side note and more a part of the "game" itself.  I really don't think Lebron is "doing" anything other than what every free agent is sports typically does, people just fixate on it now to an extent that they never did before.  NBA free agency is like the NFL draft(not to the same extent but the same idea).  I cannot stand either of them, personally, but some people care more about it than they do the actual game.


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A lot of people think he is a bad person for playing out "The Decision" on live TV, and say he shouldn't have done it that way yada yada yada. 

What most people don't know is "The Decision" event was actually to raise money for charity, with all the proceeds raised from the viewing being donated. Lebron thought he was doing a good thing. Now everyone forgets the charity thing and thinks he's evil for doing the TV broadcast. 


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I hadn't realized that was the case, and I'm honestly and truly humbled for the opinion I've fostered for a number of years about Lebron.  Some great feedback from folks who disagree with me, a great aspect of MGoBlog, and I'll try to keep an open mind about him moving forward.

Seriously, thanks for the detailed info.


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Geez, give the guy a little time to make a massive decision. Not many of the other big name Free Agents have made their decisions, so why does LeBron have to rush his? Plus, it's not like he's hyping any of this. The national media is (as are people like me, I spose).


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There is way more media of all sorts, incl social media than in Jordan's day.  I dont remember Jordan being a free agent and considering other teams.  When he quit for baseball and was considering coming back there was massive coverage.

Heck, Jack Morris in 87 with his furry coat got a lot of media coverage for shopping his services.

I get the Tebow hate because it is a lot of attention for a marginal player in the NFL but this is the best player in the world.  And this is a slow time in sports - there is baseball and ...that is about it for most Americans (World Cup a distant 2nd).


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Biology can't explain everything that's pretty clear. The mentality and person you become has much more to do with your surroundings. He's a billionaire, the best basketball player ever, he owns a team, and likes being with a beautiful women. What a shame!


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In addition to the money and women, he had some other unsavory transgressions, including:

1. Repeatedly cheating on his wife

2. Alienating his kids

3. Gambling addiction

4. Racism

5. Minor interactions with organized crime

If these things are what it takes to be an "Alpha Male", then no thanks.

Michael Jordan is a scumbag, plain and simple.  


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I have some family in the Cleveland/Akron area (my goddaughter lives in Hartville) and many are close to who Lebron is and his situation in the Akron area.  When you strip away the butthurt associated with Lebron leaving to Miami, by all accounts, Lebron is an extremely genuine and nice guy.  Its very hard to find a nasty thing about him.

You can say what you want about "the decision", but Lebron gets too much guff for the media attention he gets.  That's the media's fault.  For all the shit he gets, Lebron continues to work hard, exhibits tenacity, remains loyal to his hometown, puts on a smile, and wins

I want my kids to be like Lebron.. 


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Stern and MJ would never have gotten away with the de facto suspension for gambling that MJ covered up by "deciding to play baseball."  The internet has made it really difficult to hide such things now.  The internet would have hammered MJ for the gambling investigation and brought too much transparency for the shenanigans to ensue. 


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Ain't that the truth.  No one these days would be afforded the alleged quiet cover-up of a suspension in the form of temporary retirement like MJ got, not to mention his other extra-marital endevours.  Of course what I'm saying has never been proven, but a ton of evidence points to Michael's 1.5 year retirement suspciously right on the heels of an NBA investigation into his gambling activities as nothing more that generous trade off to avoid having his name publically sullied in the prime of his career.

If this conspiracy theory were to be true, the current media would never have let that fly or stay quiet about it with any of the superstars of this era.


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...but if NBA players simply engaged in extramarital activities at the same rate as the married male population at large, there would be a lot more affairs than ever make the news.

And given the travel, the money, the fame, you can be pretty sure the rate is higher than average.

Professional athletes (or anyone else except politicians, really) cheating on their wives/husbands is not news unless you make a spectacle of it by, say, wrecking your car in your neighbor's driveway or something.