Leave our OC alone UNM

Submitted by winterblue75 on September 27th, 2011 at 2:33 PM
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Some early names I hear for New Mexico: Bob Bostad; Sonny Dykes; Mike Leach; Noel Mazzone; Jim McElwain; Ed Warinner; Al Borges.
Cut it out dude



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The situation with the UNM football program is beyond bad. It requires a younger guy who is willing to make peanuts relatively speaking. In other words a coach starting at the very bottom of the food chain of FCS ball with a lot of ambition.

My take? UNM should dump its football program and develop one of the best soccer programs in the country. That may be doable. Football? As I said in a recent post, at times friends ask me to go to games and I tell them that I've already been to high school once in my life.

Tha Stunna

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Sure, but it may well take three years to get to three wins, depending on how bad the recruiting was.  Any coach who can pull that off would be better off waiting for a better job in the first place.

Florida International is a good example of a horrific program that's been turned around.


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Down the line and not anytime in the immediate future, the ideal replacement for Borges whenever he decides he wants to move on seems like it would be Scott Loeffler (once he gets more seasoning and success over at Temple).  And if Loeffler had success as Michigan offensive coordinator it would set him up to succeed Brady Hoke whenever he decided to retire (of course Loeffler might get a head coaching job by then).