Least talked about player so far this fall...

Submitted by pkatz on August 19th, 2014 at 9:17 PM
James Ross III and/or the SLB position. Any insight as to why we aren't hearing anything?


Roc Blue in the Lou

August 19th, 2014 at 10:43 PM ^

Until Saturday night, my guy would have been Miller.  He was the forgotten man after his 4 game showing got him benched last Fall.  I heard little about him during the Spring or thereafter.  However, when i watched the Michigan Drill on one of the Countdown days i kept noticing #60 was mauling guys.  I checked his measurables and, sure enough, he's bigger...appears stronger and just might be our center for the season.  That would allow Glasgow to move to his more natural guard position--given his height.


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Started reading this thread, and I've agreed with just about everyone mentioned... then realized that just about everyone outside of the OL, secondary, and JMFR has been mentioned. Let's face it, the media focuses in on the top few story lines and beats the crap out of those.


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Guy goes from all conference to suspended and back to starter and should be a strength of the team. Should at least merit some sort of Wojo level puff piece on adversity and growth or whatever at some point this season.


August 20th, 2014 at 1:10 AM ^

Of guys who came in with decent pedigrees  - Bars (4 star) and Strobel (4 star) from the class of 2012 along with Allen Gant (3 star)  are rarely discussed.

Not that every guy is going to hit in every class but right now of our 2012s who remain on team (Ringer gone), those are the 3 who seem to be not tracking great with Bars and Strobel the two highest rated.

Dymonte Thomas gets talk so disagree there.

Terry Richardson gets little discussion considering he was a 4 star who programs like Alabama were interested in.  Delonte Hollowell seems to have been passed by the younger guys.

Excluding 2013 OL, Jaron Dukes and Reon Dawson seem to be the 2 least discussed.  Rarely hear about Khalid Hill but I assume it is due to unsexy position.  Mike McCray sort of gets passing discussion from time to time but seems to be the 7th LB so not that much talk.


August 20th, 2014 at 1:22 AM ^

Should add of the guys expected to be impactful almost the entire DE outside of Clark is quiet - don't hear much about Taco, Beyer or Mario.  Hear a lot about Clark and some rumblings about Poggi.  Ross seems to have won the job again but have heard very little about him - RJS you heard about in spring but in fall camp very little.

Stribling talk has also been quiet compared to last year when he was the guy they taked about having instincs and making plays in the closed practices. Don't hear much about Chesson in the WR corps from practices.


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I wanted to say Dymonte, but I realize that the expectations that were put on him were unfair, the kid is only a sophomore.  I just thought he was going to pull down one of the safety positions with his athleticism.


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PIPKINS seems like do long ago, watching him chase down that RB at the Army All American game and thinking to myself, "damn he's a beast" where are u Pee Wee