Learning something (not to do) from MSU Fans

Submitted by StephenRKass on October 8th, 2010 at 7:13 AM

So I am in the camp that the MSU game is important, but it doesn't make or break the season. Every game is important. We want UofM to win every single one. But raising any single game to the status of make or break is a mistake. This isn't rocket science. For DB, it is "the entire body of work" that matters.

Let's be real. At the beginning of the season, if you were told, "Michigan will win a minimum of seven games and go to a bowl game," what would you have thought? You would have been thrilled!

The reality is that win or lose vs. MSU, Michigan is going to win at least three more games, and quite possibly could win more. That is a huge improvement over 2009. Putting all your eggs in the "State is a must-win game" is crazy. No, it is foolish.

Michigan is returning to prominence. It is just a matter of how soon. MSU fans know this, which is why the game is so important to them this year. They know that the tide is turning, and that things are returning to their natural state of existence.

Part of the reason State fans are so obnoxious is because of their inferiority complex. Because they know that they just haven't been as good as UofM. This extends to the team, and to the entire university. The only place they are strong is in areas Michigan doesn't even focus (i.e., animal and agricultural science.)

But there is something else at play. There are some Michigan fans who have over the years been insufferable jerks. You know who you are. This has led to the behavior of some of the State fans. For my two cents, remember this once Michigan returns to prominence. Don't act the way State fans are acting now. You're above that.

One last thing. If you really believe that Michigan has returned, put your money where your mouth is. I have a "friendly wager" with a couple of MSU grads. I would hope that those of you living in Michigan have the cajones to do the same.



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I am sick and tired of the sparties bitching about our nonalum fans while conveniently ignoring the thousands of bandwagon nonalum sparties that come out of the woodwork in March. What gives them the right to denigrate other fans when they could not even get more than 10k (on TV it looked barely over 5k) fans at Ford Field for the FAU game. Or even how their campus abandoned the MSU hockey team during the CCHA playoffs. Don't give me the excuse their students were gone on spring break. If that series was held at Yost during our spring break, we still would have sold out the entire series. They were the #2 seed in the CCHA playoffs and they abandoned their team.  Complete bullshit they call our fans bandwagoners. 

Their arrogance over two wins over our two worst teams ever in our history is illogical. There is a thing called acting like you have been there before. If we win tomorrow, you will not see me on facebook talking smack. 

I love how they quickly point out how bad our secondary is, while ignoring their 78th ranked passing defense. It is not like their secondary is running a tight ship too. FAU was able to pick apart their secondary. If Wisky actually had decent receivers and a tight end and had a healthy clay then perhaps they could have picked sparty apart too. 

Whatever happens tomorrow, I am still very proud of this team and excited about the direction of the program. If it wasn't for Michigan Secondary Hating God, we would be blow a lot of teams out right now. Next year with Troy back and our young secondary with a year of experience and a spring camp under their belts, our D will be much tighter. Next year is going to be really fun. The tide is turning right now. I cannot wait. 


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I totally agree. Sparty fans just talk and talk but rarely actually support their teams. Of all of my friends who went to MSU (lots), very few actually attended the games. More were concerned with "Spartying" prior to the game, then they'd go hit a bar or continue "Spartying" at home, only to brag about the party they attended later getting out of hand.

Bravo, Spartans.


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Instead of saying MSU is a must win, maybe it would be more appropriate to say that we really should be winning one of the next two (Iowa being next week).  These were both games that we had a legit shot at winning last year, they are both at home this year, and we all know that our offense is significantly better than last year.

Plus, with the bye week after Iowa, if we were to lose the next two games, it would feel in some respect as though we had lost three games in a row.  Then, we would need to beat Penn State, Illinois, and Purdue consecutively to even get 8 wins this year (the first is very doable, and yes 8 wins was all we were expecting at the beginning of the year - but let's just win one of the next two).


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Are you saying that it isn't "poor Sparty's" fault that they have one of the most obnoxious fanbases in college football? 

I'm capable of compassion, but that doesn't include absolving the behavior of Sparty fans due to "mistreatment" on the part of Michigan fans.  From the incessant bragging of Sparty fans, one would never know that Michigan leads the series 67-30-5.  One would almost think Sparty was the team that has won 66 percent of the games played between the teams. 

Nobody gets more mileage out of one or two victories than Sparty.  MSU fans didn't become obnoxious because of Michigan fans; they became obnoxious because Michigan beats them two games out of every three they play.


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I totally agree.  We know where we are going long term. We have a bright coach in his mid to late 40s who knows exactly what to do at each step in the process to build a national program that plays for championships yearly.

I don't see the urgency to have to win Saturday.

It would cut off talking points by Sparty fan that we are all tired of hearing. Maybe. Reality is that reality has never stopped most of their fans from saying dopey things.  

What everyonemurders said nails it perfectly.


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Prompted by:

(i.e., animal and agricultural science.)


I always thought the official name was "School of Animal Husbandry" - does the MMB still perform its annual salute to said School?


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Then or now, I wouldn't be "thrilled" with 7 wins.  I'd have been worried that Rich would still be hanging on by a thread.  Even 8, and while satisfied, I wouldn't be "thrilled". (9 would be surprising, so that might get me into that territory).

And if we lose this week, I'm not sure there are 3 more wins. PROBABLY 2 for sure...but winning 3 in a row, two on the road...I'm not sure is automatic. Or even probable. But certainly possible.

You question everyone's confidence and show yours by making a bet...but you're the one making excuses how losing doesn't matter if it happens (before the game).  If you were that confident, you'd say it means a hell of a lot, and that's fine, because we're going to win it.


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game camp.  Just ask yourself, if Michigan goes 1-1 against MSU and Iowa the next two weeks, is the impact the same regardless of who the win is against?