Leaders and Best in 50 States - VA, NH, SC Edition

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 In today's edition of Leaders and Best in 50 States, the Athletic Department honors a men's swimmer, a runner and a rower as the representatives of Virginia, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. 

Tom Dolan is clearly one of the greatest Wolverine athletes of all time.  A nine time NCAA champion and two time US Swimmer of the Year, Dolan won two Olympic golds and one silver in the 1996 and 2000 summer games and held the world record for the 400 IM for eight years before it was eclipsed by Michael Phelps.  He's graced the cover of SI and a Wheaties box.

Congratulations to the honorees.


Tom Dolan (Arlington)
Men's Swimming and Diving

• Tom Dolan (1994-96) won nine NCAA titles, earned 15-time All-America honors and was a two-time U.S. Swimmer of the Year. He won two gold medals and a silver competing in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

Honorable Mention
Ben McCrea, Men's Track and Field
Fred Mowrey, Men's Swimming and Diving
Thomas O’Malley , Men's Swimming and Diving
Alija Pittenger, Volleyball
David Terrell, Football
NEW HAMPSHIRE: John Mortimer
John Mortimer (Londonderry)
Men's Track and Field

• John Mortimer (1996-99) was a seven-time All-American and a six-time Big Ten Champion in track and cross country, also earning three Academic All-American and Academic All-Big Ten honors.

Honorable Mention
Diane Hatch, Softball
Geoff Koch, Ice Hockey
Jason Lancaster , Men's Swimming and Diving
Brandon Rogers, Ice Hockey
Kate Maxim (St. Helena)

• Kate Maxim (2000-03) led her squad to a Big Ten title and was an All-American and three-time Collegiate Rowing Coaches Association Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-Big Ten Selection.

Honorable Mention
Jonathan Goodwin , Football



July 2nd, 2010 at 10:13 AM ^

No disrespect to the rower, but if all goes well she'll be replaced in a few years by Quinton Washington, winner of the Outland Trophy for 2013.

Blue Cheese

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Two of my journalistic concerns are clear and accurate editing. I do not like seeing the "'Leaders and Best" exhibiting sloppy/careless journalism. Was it a typo, laziness, or ignorance that caused the error? It matters to me. Standards must be maintained if one wishes to remain at the top. I will try to contact the office you suggest.

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