Leaders and Best in 50 States: A Bunch of BS

Submitted by WichitanWolverine on June 30th, 2010 at 12:06 PM

Today the winners for Massachusetts and Maryland were announced.  They were Mike Leach (tennis) and Mike Barrowman (swimming), respectively.

I was hoping this contest would help alleviate our off-season woes, but it appears that's not going to happen as Todd Collins, Jamie Morris, and Dhani Jones only received honorable mention today.




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Barrowman won an olympic gold and the other guy is the only person in NCAA history to do something.  Those are pretty impressive achievements. 


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I was at the final four in '89 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Rumeal hitting those free-throws. I would have given him the nod on this one in light of all the team accomplished that year. I have a signed hat from most of the team (got it that weekend) and a signed ball from Rumeal. I wonder if it was hard for UofM to give him the top spot here because of his recent legal issues. It shouldn't matter, but I wonder if it did.


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As great as the National Championship game was, the semi-final matchup with Illinois was an amazing game; I don't recall either team leading by more than four points the whole way. IIRC, Illinois had won both conference meetings that year.


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I don't know anything about Leach, but it is hard to argue with Barrowman. Swimming gets no PR and I remember this guy. I also remember watching him in the Olympics.


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Now we not only get unhappy by perceived slights from ESPN, we get unhappy by perceived slights from the Michigan propaganda site?

OP needs to take a vacation or have some alone time.


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...exactly what I predicted would happen.

Again, there are thousands of Michigan student-athletes who participated in sports other than football and basketball and many found significant success while at U-M.  Rather than getting worked up, take it as a learning opportunity.  And take a deep breath while you're at it.

I didn't know Mike Leach was the first Michigan NCAA singles champion and that he's a member of the U-M Hall of Honor.  Without this feature, I still wouldn't know that.  Does that beat out Jamie Morris and Rumeal Robinson?  I don't know, but I can tell you if they had been selected I wouldn't have learned anything new about their careers at U-M from this feature. 

Let's just enjoy learning about the siginificant accomplishments of these outstanding Michigan student-athletes and stow the outrage.


Mike Leach (Weston), Men's Tennis

• Mike Leach (1979-82) was the 1982 NCAA Singles Champion, becoming the first (and only) unseeded player in history to win the title, adding two NCAA All-America citations and four Big Ten titles to his U-M Hall of Honor resume.

Honorable Mention
Todd Collins, Football
Jamie Morris, Football
Danielle Lund, Women's Tennis
Courtney Reid, Field Hockey
Rumeal Robinson, Men's Basketball
Mike Barrowman (Rockville), Men's Swimming and Diving

• Mike Barrowman (1987-91) was a three-time NCAA Champion and a four-time Big Ten champion and won gold at the 1992 Olympics in the 200-meter breaststroke.

Honorable Mention
Irving Einbinder , Men's Swimming and Diving
Dhani Jones, Football
Elise Ray, Women's Gymnastics
John Scherer, Men's Track and Field


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Man, my bad, I didn't think you guys were so sensitive.  I was joking about the selections being non-football choices.  Although if the Ohio choice is not a Heisman winner, I will be legitimately pissed.


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I was kind of disappointed with this feature, but not for these reasons.

I was expecting more than just text; if not video, then at least photos or something.  MGoBlue could've done a little better than this, considering we're in the dog days of summer with nothing better to do.


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Maybe not the top choice, but certainly honorable mention was in order for the fullback who scored two touchdowns in one of the ten biggest wins  -- and perhaps the biggest upset -- in Michigan football history.  At risk of stating the obvious, I speak of 24-12 in 1969.


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Like so many things in sports sites, it was done as much to honor those athletes, as to raise debate.

It has done both.  

(I do agree that MGoBlue could have given us more supporting data, bios, etc.)