Leach: Dead

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on January 7th, 2011 at 5:41 PM
Though there was little reality to UM ever taking him, now there's not a chance in hell.

Per ESPN -
The NCAA accused Texas Tech of major rules violations tied to recruiting on Friday, saying 16 athletics department staff members sent nearly 1,000 impermissible text messages sent to football, softball and golf prospects.

The NCAA said the school discovered the violations and reported them. It did not add punishments beyond the school's self-imposed two years of probation, recruiting restrictions and scholarship reductions.

The NCAA said the football violations occurred between August 2007 and February 2009, which would have come under former coach Mike Leach. The NCAA said the football coaching staff sent approximately 234 text messages to 45 prospective student-athletes.

So yeah...



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I mean... I don't know how old you are... but 234 text messages to 45 prospective athletes by one coach?  I know people in college probably send and recieve at least 100-200 texts a day if not more.

Thats... 5.2 texts to each person? Over how much time I wonder? And some probably responded so there was a quick conversation...

To be fair... I'd probably say on an average day I send about... 150-200 texts a day?  It's really not a lot at all.

I know it's illigal... but it's not exactly like texting is an obvious thing that Mike Leach would definitely know about, especially if it's only 234 texts by one coach.  If that's the reason we didn't hire him I'd be concerned about our program/fan base/decision makers.

To cross anyone off for something like this is stupid.  I'm not a Leach guy, but goodness... this is just stupid.


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between ESPN and myself. but texting is considered a major violation in the same vein as stretching.

i disagree, though, that it crosses him off. texting was forbidden and they did it anyways. hiring a guy who's been self-reported for violations to a school on probation for... NCAA violations will NEVER happen


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We have had a thread started about Leach, Jim Harbaugh (relieved he isn't coming), Les Miles, Hoke (Jesus, gulp), but no threads talking about pros and cons about Patterson. Someone with an iphone do it! The man needs some attention!

Update: Now Dungry too!


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I posted this info in another thread. Granted, threads now have eleventybillion posts each.


Also, put "Mike" in the title.  "Leach" on a Michigan site usually refers to Rick.


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This isn't really news... Texas Tech is already serving self-imposed sanctions over this. This is just the NCAA accepting their sanctions.

All this over a couple hundred texts. Sounds like its about on the same level is stretching 20 extra minutes a week.


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I thought Leach would make an intriguing hire, but I mean, he's basically Rodriguez, so you can guess how well that would go over with certain people.

It does shed some light on why Maryland backed off.


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but I will still pine for the unintentional comedy that would've been every Pirate interaction with the bluehairs. His "fat little girlfriends" rant was one of the greatest moments in oral diarrhea ever.


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Can anyone sum up how he went from a possibility some years ago, to really not even in consideration.

I am not interested in him as our coach, trying to understand how he went from near the top of lists to nowhere on them...


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isn't exactly a resume booster.

Added to this resume in the top spot:

Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/Playoffs
Indiana Hoosiers (Big Ten Conference) (1997–2001)
1997 Indiana 2–9 1–7 T–9th  
1998 Indiana 4–7 2–6 T–7th  
1999 Indiana 4–7 3–5 T–8th  
2000 Indiana 3–8 2–6 T–9th  
2001 Indiana 5–6 4–4 T–4th  
Indiana: 18–37 12–28  
Total: 18–37