LB Manny Bowen no longer with PSU

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Bowen's had a ton of off the field issues at PSU and was recently reinstated after his 3rd suspension.

Bowen was supposed to start at MIKE for PSU. He started 9 games last year as a junior (missed 4 due to suspension) and 12 in 2016 as a sophomore. PSU'S top 2 MIKEs from last year's depth chart are gone as well as another starting LB. PSU has now lost 8 starters from last years D plus Bowen and the 2 DEs who medically retired this offseason. I can't imagine that D will be too good this year.



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We knew UM D would be solid because many of the 10 new starters played significant snaps in 2016. Plus we had a wild card in Winovich.

I don't remember PSU rolling lots of D replacements throughout the game.  I believe they will take a big step back and will rely on their QB McSorely to score enough points to make up for their D's shortcomings. 

Space Coyote

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PSU did rotate quite heavily. Most of the players back were pretty significant contributors and they actually return a guy that was a nominal starting CB before being hurt early last year. They will not have a lot of known depth (they have some good recruits that have been brought in, but are young), but they should still at least be solid unless some injuries hit them.


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Yeah I don't think they'll be a Rich Rod level defense or anything. They have some good talent with decent playing experience. But projecting 9ish guys with rotational experience into full time players makes me think there will be a noticeable drop off. And considering they were 12th in S&P+ last year, they can drop off and still be a top 30/40 or better unit. But that's going to be an issue and a side of the ball that can be exposed.

Like you said depth is the biggest issues. So any more injuries/suspensions will hurt. But like you said they rotated a lot last year and I don't think they can do that as much this year. So that means more wear and tear, more potential opportunities to get hurt and a reduced ability to rotate in players and matchup based on scheme.


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Still, 42-14 loss. Michigan players don't really care they had players leave....they will all still have white Helmets and Jerseys on. Jim will have them chomping at the bit for redemption He will look at Franklin at the 50 yard line and say......



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Remember this if PSU loses against Michigan by a bunch, as the common refrain in 2016 was PSU would have been fine had they had their LBs.

Also, three chances plus the guy then leaves feels like something else was going on.


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They had Paramus Catholic DT Corey Bolds transfer out as well.  Word is he was discouraged he wasn't able to come in and play immediately.  Apparently the work ethic was lacking.  Glad we passed on him in the end.  


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He's a talent.  He's also had some issues.

He was suspended from the 2016 team in between the B1G Title Game and the Rose Bowl.

He didn't play for the 2017 team after the MSU game (last 3 games).  It wasn't injury related, it was discipline related.  Then he got BOOTED from the team prior to the Fiesta Bowl.   

There were various rumors relating to why that happened in each of 2016 & 2017.  Weed being the predominant rumor.

Most folk (myself included) assumed all off-season he wouldn't be back for 2018.  But he appeared on the roster when camp opened a few weeks ago.  Word was he had to "meet certain stipulations."

Evidently, he didn't.  In this case: 3 strikes and you're out.

Perkis-Size Me

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With the amount they’re losing from their defense they’re going to have to rely on outscoring almost any team that has a pulse on offense.

They’re just fortunate enough to have an offense that might be able to do that. They’ve just got to worry about days where their offense has an off-day.