LB depth and Willingham*

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I've been worried Willingham soured on us due to the large number of LBs we've signed already this year (4). But looking at our competition's recruiting class, UCF already has 6 (!) LBs signed up. I don't know what the rest of their LB depth looks like, but I can't believe we could lose out on a guy to UCF when they're already so stocked with LB recruits in this class.

Also, Willingham has 15 pounds on all of our other LB recruits. Seems like he could be ready to play a lot sooner, hope he goes blue at this 10 a.m. annoucement.

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The Denver Post is reporting four-star linebacker Leilon Willingham is signing with UCF. 

Hopefully this is a "jump the gun" report a la Barnett yesterday.  We'll see when it's official at 10AM EST (yes, it's EST).

EDIT:  Rivals is now reporting it.  Eff.


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over on rivals, the word is that

1. he was a silent commit to us,

2. then had a great time at ucf and verballed,

3. then scout reported that he signed the loi yesterday,

4. then his parents refused to sign the loi to ucf, speculating they want him to stay home at colorado,

5. then scout removed the designation,

6. and rivals is speculating that michigan may be the compromise.



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Willingham picked UCF per tweet from Denver Post prep sports editor Ryan Casey (announcement was at 7am Mountain time--9am Eastern):


Leilon Willingham to Central Florida. #dppreps

Note that Casey is reporting this from Mullen.

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Honestly I'm not worried at all. If you look at his measurables he's not exactly a big kid. This defense could use some size and depth (particularly up front with the front four). Willingham doesn't provide any of that. A much more important recruit was Barnett who allow us the luxury of shifting Frank Clark over to LB if the coaches deem it necessary. In finall analysis the Willingham announcement "ain't no thing" one way or the other...


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What's up with the media not letting kids announce their school. What happened to 10 Am? It would have been a solid pick up to break the top 20 on rivals and maybe top 25 on scout


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US News  National University Rankings*:

U of M:  #29

UCF: #179

(OSU and MSU #56 and #79 respectively)


*I understand all the caveats on the rankings.


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...has made his choice, the book is closed on 2011 recruiting.

On to DB/DL asst coach hires, spurious reports about winter conditioning, spring practice/game hype, 2012 recruiting, and...

MBB, hockey, WBB, other winter sports (wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, LAX, etc.) deserve some pixels as well.

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If he doesn't want to be here, fine.  We can bank the scholarship for next year when there are some excellent LB's in this part of the country who already have an interest in Michigan.  In the meantime, I think the 4 guys we got are a great group who will really help us in a year or two.


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We won't miss Willingham. He'd have been a good one, don't me wrong ,but we are set at LB

WLB - Gordon,M.Jones,Furman,A.Poole,Hawthorne

MLB Demmens Bell Morgan

SLB Fitzgerald Bell K.Jones Clark


That's 12 LBs with only one of them graduating next year. We'll most likely add one of the local guys if not 2 next year as well. I'm not worried about the size issue as far as Willingham either. Guys like Mouton and Bell came in as 205 lb safeties as well and were quickly up to 245 or so. It's not going to be hard to put weight on guys like Jones and Clark especially.