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Not exactly ground breaking since Brandon has been pretty open about his plans, but good to see (for us lacrosse alums at least)...

By the way, the team is 7-0 and ranked #1 in the MCLA.  They have two home games this weekend, both in Oosterbaan Fieldhouse.  7pm tonight vs. Boston College and 7pm tomorrow vs. Cal Santa Barbara.

Next weekend is their big home stand.  #2 Arizona State and #3 Colorado State come to town.  If you're curious, that's the weekend to get out to see them.



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Maybe it's not groundbreaking for people who are closely tied to the program, but it is for the general public.  It's the first I can recall Brandon being so open about his intentions to move lax to varsity in such a public forum.  He's basically saying it's happening, they just need to get a few more ducks in a row.  Can't remember anything else so definitive.  Lot of good information in there about the program and fundraising and such.


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Looooonnnggg time.  You read the article and see what kind of effort it takes to get this thing off the ground - and the same for the size of the donation to Penn State hockey - and all in all it's quite the investment.  When Michigan goes D-I they'll only be the fourth B1G team to do so.  Need two more.  Maybe you could get Northwestern to make the leap since they already have a powerhouse women's program, but I don't know where you'd get the sixth team unless Notre Dame finally ever decided to get down off its high horse.


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Third team for men's.  Ohio State and Penn State have D1 men's lacrosse.  That's it.  Michigan State used to, but cut it 1997 - just before the sport really started exploding (nice timing Sparty).  You're right that Northwestern would be a great fit given the success of their women's program.

I think the only way you see Big 10 lacrosse in the near future is conference expansion into the Big East/Notre Dame.  Longshot.

Sac Fly

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And see a few games this year, the only problem is that I don't know anyone at UM. I usually go out to augustana and watch a few games every year, and just keep going to iowa and crash there. I was very surprised to see that augustana added lax as a varsity sport.


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I think that is pretty groundbreaking.  At first it was mostly just saying that Brandon was into considering making varsity lacrosse happens, that it was something he was going to take a close look at and go from there.  That's one thing.  This article is saying that DB has taken that close look, likes what he sees and is actively trying to make this a reality.  The "as soon as" is noted, but, "An announcement could come as soon as next month"  about starting up for the 2013 season.  That makes it sounds like DB's just waiting for one or two more people to sign-off (or sign a check) for this and then running with it.  It also sounds like there's tentative plans for what they're doing if/when they get everything they need lined up.  I know DB's been pro-varsity Lacrosse since pretty much day 1, but for this to come only a year or so in and be more than, "Hmm, I'll see what I can do", but to openly state that he wants to make it a reality and is relatively close to making it a reality is huge, I think. 

I will admit though, it sounds like he's cautioning people to be ready if there is a disappointment and things don't happen this year, probably along the lines of 50-50 chances.  But to get that close is enormous and tells me that even if things don't work out particularly soon, it's probably not going to be that much longer.


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You know 1000's of people there.  You have a whole community on this board.  Maybe set up a Mgoblog group to hit Fraser's before one of next week's games and then head over to Oosterbaan.  Wish I could go.  Missing alumni weekend next weekend because of HS coaching obligations here at home.