Lawsuit: Perles covered up Nassar rape in 1992

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Holy crap.



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That's former football coach and current trustee Perles to you.

Also, I'm going to copy the lead paragraph, because it is disgusting and descriptive of the seriousness of the "holy crap":

"Serial pedophile Larry Nassar videotaped the rape of a young field hockey player that led to her pregnancy in 1992 – and when her coach at Michigan State University complained about it to athletic director George Perles, he intervened and covered it up, according to an explosive new lawsuit filed in federal court."


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This is absolutely unbelievable:

Davis went to the MSU police department. 

“The police told them that since she was an athlete, she had to report it to the athletic department,” according to the court documents. “The detective explicitly told them that he was powerless to investigate anything that takes place to the athletic department and to go to the athletic department. 

“(Davis) explained that the athletic department already dismissed it and the sergeant responded that George Perles is a ‘powerful man,’ and she should just drop it.”


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Mind you...many law enforcement officers in that area are MSU athlete alum...senior year we were in a team van heading home at a higher than posted rate of speed. Coach was pulled over, tried to explain the circumstances, mentioned he was a UM coach...and the cop replied, that's unfortunate, most of us went to MSU here's your ticket slow down...


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That's former football coach and "current trustee because he was elected by the Michigan electorate" Perles to you.

Another reason I'm of the opinion that the Governor, not the electorate, should have power to appoint & remove University trustees at MSU, U-M and Wayne State.  Michigan voters have proven they just elect people to these positions based on their name, even if they're known idiots and scumballs.  Perles was a known idiot & scumball way back to the 1990s.  Not to mention his "good buddy" Joel Ferguson.

What a mess.  MSU students and alums deserve much better than jag-offs like Perles on their BoT.


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Yes.  I am not a fan of alumni-elected trustees either.

Back to what I was talking about.  I now live out west, but I grew up in Michigan, I did my graduate work at Wayne State, and I want the best for Michigan residents and my friends & family who still live there.  The current way that trustees are selected for each of U-M, MSU and Wayne State --- it is a terrible way, IMO.  

It's only this way for U-M, MSU and Wayne.  For the other 12 public Universities in the state, the Governor appoints the BoT members.  Nothing against those 12 schools, but they are generally not as important to Michigan as the other 3.  Why does Michigan have a different system for those 3 flagship Universities?

The Michigan electorate could obviously select some dumb-ass to any of those 3 boards.  It's already happened for MSU.  People, like me, who care about one or both of U-M and Wayne obviously don't want dumb-asses on those boards either.

That's it - I'll quit with my political advocacy (I admit this post is political advocacy).


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Voters also elect “idiot and scumball” governors and worse.  So I don’t think having the Governor appoint trustees helps is necessarily a solution.  I have no idea how trustees are elected.  Maybe some should be by voters, some by appointment, and some elected by current students.

Your quote:

“Another reason I'm of the opinion that the Governor, not the electorate, should have power to appoint & remove University trustees at MSU, U-M and Wayne State.  Michigan voters have proven they just elect people to these positions based on their name, even if they're known idiots and scumballs. “

yossarians tree

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That is some dark gangster shit Perles pulled--methodical--almost like it wasn't the first time. In fact it reminds me that I used to think of Perles as embodying the MSU mentality sort of like a corrupt Teamsters leader. Blue collar, "tuff", gotta fight for respect, willing to do whatever it takes to get our share. In every way this is gangster mentality. Mork totally gets this, too, except he is even worse because he mixes in all the bible verses.


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After losing to Notre Dame I walked into a meeting and someone asked how I could wear my Michigan hat. If I was embarrassed by them. I just blew him off. Michigan couldn't embarrass me by anything they do on the field, and I will always support them. 

But this type of shit coming out of East Lansing makes my stomach turn. Seeing that Spartan logo makes me sick because of what it represents and what it has done to so many young women in our great state. I don't understand how anyone can wear a Michigan State hat, or shirt, or have a bumper sticker on the car. Talk about embarrassing. 


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Denial is as powerful as it is maladaptive and immature. Add idealization of the borderline epidemic in our country and boom you have the breading grounds for evil. Every person who fails to stand against this, fails to recognize this evil, fails to face these issues within themselves, their family, peers, community, are guilty of collusion through apathy, for you have allowed evil into your house, given it residence, allowed it to get comfortable, and spawn. This is the reaping of what was sown long ago; there is a personal responsibility you possess heretofore. 

East German Judge

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Maybe, the thing that STILL bothers me is the utter lack of common sense and blind delusional devotion that the ped state fan base, both young and old have towards that selfish, amoral, sick fuck of an asshole of a head coach.  Just because you are a good coach, does not make you ready for sainthood, however, the ped state fans do not see it that way, so much so they elected junior to the board of trustees.

Most all staee fans will say that nassar is a monster, but of course we know that the administration and leadership up in east landfill are selfish and blind assholes.

BTW, FUCK ped state and all their delusional joepa loving fans!!!


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Most MSU fans had never heard of Larry Nassar until this scandal broke.  Of course they say he's a monster, because it's easy for them to do.

Penn State's Paterno loyalists/cultists bought into a myth about Joe that was built over the course of 50 years, and they've blindly refused to let ugly, complicated reality ruin their fairy tale.  It's pathetic but it's sadly common.  A lot of people find it easier to indulge delusions than to reevaluate their beliefs about something.  Look at politics in this country.

You watch, this George Perles thing is going to get a lot more irrational pushback from Spartan alumni of a certain age.