Lawrence Marshall is a Buckeye

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2014 Southfield DE Lawrence Marshall just verballed to OSU per TOM VH



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Marshall jumped to OSU when our staff is heavily vested in MI and OH recruiting. Makes sense when a staff devalues the Midwest, but Hoke has made it a higher priority than Urban.

The recruiting battles will be intense for years.


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recruited both fairly hard. I would understand if we were late with offers as the staff chased national guys. If a kid is indifferent, then go with the first offer or most love. But we've been after both of them from the start.

Meyer's spiel of "we'll play for nat'l championships and I'll prepare you as well as the SEC" must work with some kids.


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I simply meant that Meyer walks in with two NC rings and talks about winning championships. Hoke hasn't won any championships as a head coach. I'm not calling Hoke as a bad coach, nor am I arguing that Meyer is far and away a better coach.  I'm simply arguing that, from the perspective of a 17 year old who wants to play football, get to the NFL and, presumably, to win things along the way, Meyer likely looks like a better bet. 


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I have thought about this in the sense that essentially every coach is basically selling their brand to potential recruits. The money question is which coach or which brand carries the it the macro Dave Brandon "M", Brady Hoke's management level work, Greg Mattison's "I coached Ray Lewis" or the individual recruiter?

What carries the weight?...I suppose for each recruit it would be different. While Meyer has a couple championships his defensive coordinator was one Greg Mattison; he of the Ray Lewis connection.

At this point Meyer's brand might pull some recruits but, as in the Lawrence Marshall case, one wonders what role the recruiter played etc. 


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Between Harris and McDowell if we don't get either of them we lost the state of Michigan recruiting to our rival. Especially since Harris a bit of an Ohio lean and they are going strong after McDowell, this may not end well for us.

Real Tackles Wear 77

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As of now, in these kids minds, St Urban can do no wrong. Coombs is selling fire and brimstone (see the YouTube video of him) and Urban has yet to lose. Once the bucks start losing some they should win, and it WILL happen this year, the real Meyer starts coming out and when we beat them a lot of these in-state prospects will see things much differently. Right now they are going for what's flashy...we will prevail


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Bad news bears, no way to whitewash it. Can't keep on top if we can't even stay afloat in recruiting our own state. I give Meyer credit. He's targetting kids that aren't just good players, but the high-percentage targets we need. It's like a scorched earth campaign, burning the ground out from under us.
Man. I am not happy today.


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Agreed, kids like Marshall are the ones you need to nail down, good regional recruits that form the base of the class and represent schools you go into a lot. If Urban is making inroads here, that is very bad especially when he can use Ohio peer pressure to help hold onto Ohio kids and there doesn't seem to be equivalent pressure here in MI. This is definitely not good.


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I think people have been underestimating how hard Kerry Coombs has been recruiting Michigan. I don't ever remember OSU focusing this much on Michigan prospects. As someone else said, this is probably bad news for State, but it's obviously something Hoke will have to pay attention to.


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No disrespect but he is just some dude with an informed opinion.  I like what he offers as far as he seems to take himself serious, puts in the appropriate time, and doesn't let other people's rankings dissuade him from having his own value of an incoming player.  That said, it isn't like he has come connection to the kids and can predict the future...

it is what it is homie.



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Not saying this is the reason why Ohio is beating us on the recruiting trail right now, but as a kid I can tell you that a deal with Nike sounds a lot more appealing than a deal with Addidas.


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I'm...sure they would like to. That's not the kind of thing that's easily replicated, especially since, by all accounts, that wasn't a stage managed event. Especially since we aren't in on a lot of Michigan and Ohio kids, who formed the bulk of that event, I doubt we'll see the like of it again this year, if ever.


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He was a OSU lean. No doubt he's got some talent, but we can't get everyone. There will be others. Plus we'll have a small class next year. We already have 2 commits...gotta leave some drama for the latter months. I kid, I kid.

Sucks, but lots of time left. Let it all play out. I promise we get some Ohio talent to even things out.

Remember, Ferns is pretty damn good. Look where he's from...

eamus_caeruli (not verified)

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Umm, I feel confident in saying something give or take 20 scholarships for 2014. That's not really small. We can grab best available and there is greater flexibility in what position numbers we can recruit.

Speedy DE/DL and WR seem to be our biggest needs. SS is another position that could use more size and speed, thus finding freaky athletic chaps would be a huge gain at those spots. I still think another QB would be nice, but I just don't see the staff going that route this year and maybe only annually recruiting one QB per class.

gustave ferbert

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are the michigan players that went to tsio in the last TWELVE YEARS (give or take a couple I don't know about or can't remember).  Urban taking Damon Webb from Cass Tech and this one from Southfield shouldn't happen.  Jackson was the only one to my knowledge that had an offer from Michigan and went to OSU (subsequently he transferred to Wayne State). The others even hinted that they would have gone to Michigan had they been offered.  This is what is disturbing.  Let's hope G Mattison (and Wilcher) work their magic.


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This is suprising.  I don't think any of us should loose sleep over this, I mean the kid looks like a very solid player on film and no doubt would love to have him on the good side, but let the season play out.  Does anyone think Ohio will go undefeated again?  I don't.  Perhaps their eyes will be opened. 

Blue boy johnson

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Stuff like this means very little to me.At the end of the recruiting cycle Michigan is going to have 85 or so scholarship football players; just like every other team in the country. And then, and then.... attrition happens....Start all over again

85 football scholarships on the wall, take one down pass it around 84 football scholarships on the wall

84 football scholarships on the wall....

You lose out on Lawrence Marshall, god bless his buckeye soul, and next thing you know a kid blows up in Pinconning, making all the little sad faces excited at the prospect of the Piconning prodigy becoming the next Lawerence Taylor.