Lavall Jordan: UMHoops

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For any of you interested in a change of pace, UMHoops' Joe Stapleton attended a meet and greet with Lavall Jordan, newly hired Michigan Basketball Assistant Coach. I like the hire and Lavall seems like a solid coach.

Favorite quote from Lavall: "I'm as excited as a kid in a candy store right now."



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...are good to read.


One of the biggest questions surrounding Jackson’s departure was the impact it would have on recruiting. Right now, the number one priority has to be getting Jordan caught up with recruiting as soon as possible, like Beilein did with Alexander a month ago.  Beilein said he was able to get Alexander caught up pretty quickly and all evidence shows that he dove head-first into it.  Jordan will be asked to do the same, and he’s pumped about it.

“Obviously, I recruited Michigan, even back at Butler, and at Iowa.  I’ve developed a great relationship in Indiana and around the midwest,” Jordan said. “I feel like I’ve had the chance to make some great connections along the way.”

Jordan is in the same mold as Alexander considering they’re both young, enthusiastic and charismatic. He’ll be able to use his Indiana connections immediately but he’s got his work cut out for him as far as solidifying Michigan’s place with players who have been recruited by Mike Jackson this whole time.


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That's the first I heard about Western's coach bitching about losing his assistant coach. The Freep has to jump on that one quick.

Seems like Michigan has 2 young motivated assistant coaches on board. Good news


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and he is an outstanding person.  The phrase "nicest guy you'll ever meet" is thrown around a lot, but it's true with LaVall.  So pumped he has gotten the opportunity to come back to Michigan.