Is Lavall Jordan our Izzo?

Submitted by UMxWolverines on February 16th, 2016 at 9:15 PM
Think about it. Up and coming assistant like he was. Izzo took over for a good not great Jud Heathcote. Lavell is known as a great recruiter. Does he take over once Beilein hangs it up?



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I get that recruiting is either a yes or no outcome, but there is so much more greyspace. We were on to Jaylen Brown, but some weird shit happened where he committed to Cal? Tyus Battle rushed to save his spot which cost us Langford, followed by Tyus Battle decommitted to a program that is in NCAA purgatory for being the only school actually being punished for cheating. 


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That's even worse. JB couldn't recruit against a program that is in "NCAA purgatory". Weird shit? Fine I'd let it slide hell if it was a once year thing but it's every season. Save two classes. His recruiting should get better it doesn't. Fine okay you'd think we'd have an elite effort team. The guys look like they're out for a Sunday stroll. His teams are always bad on defense and it really shows up when they can't shoot. Don't give me this well he's about average when considering past MBB coaches. Sorry I want to win every year.

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Basketball classes are small, and recruits go early. The miss outlined above was some weird stuff. Missing on all three targets because of timing and some weird stuff. But having high profile guys not live up to their potential (Irvin, Chatman), having promising young guys not take the next step forward (Dawkins, Doyle), and senior injuries (LeVert, Spike), have made the recruiting seem like a bigger problem than it is. 

Recruiting class sizes make any misses seem much worse because you have no one to patch them over with. Plus you are stuck with that mistake for four years. The only way to correct for that in a short period of time is to run your program like Indiana.

I will say this though. Beilein's tactic of waiting until players Junior year to offer is probably his biggest  mistake. Recruiting is a dirty game and Beilein is the cleanest of them all. That is something to hang your hat on.


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I don't disagree with much, but I don't think Doyle was ever very promising.  He's big (not tall, though) and had a stretch of 3 or 4 games last year where you turned your head.  Also in those games he was exposed defensively, so there was always the chance it was a mirage... He's far away, still, from being a starter.

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February 16th, 2016 at 9:20 PM ^

Uh, at this point, it depends on how the Beilein tenure ends. I do like LaVall. I think he's the best assistant on the staff. But say, if there's a scenario out there where Beilein ends up losing his job here, I'd want to start fresh.


February 16th, 2016 at 11:41 PM ^

that he's a good coach? It's an honest question, I haven't heard anything other than his supposed "magic touch" with PGs when Morris and Burke both hit, but that hype has obviously kind of calmed down and only has to do with the development of one position.  Any idea if he's a good tactician, scout, game planner, motivator, etc?

Just wondering if there's chatter since it's tough in bball to know what an assistant's role is.


February 18th, 2016 at 1:20 AM ^

My response was to WD saying he hated the take that Izzo was a whiner and that all good coaches work the refs.

You can be a good coach and still be a whiner on the sideline.

You can work the refs and do it without looking like whiner. 

They are not mutually exclusive.

I never claimed holier than thou status or said that I though JH or Bo were perfect with their sideline demeanor. 


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Michigan Basketball has resources 99% of other Universities would kill for.   Michigan deserves better than Lavell Jordan.

Michigan deserves better than what JB has given us the last 2 years.

This time next year, I'll be saying: Michigan deserves better than what JB has given us the last 3 years.

Rinse and repeat.  He's peaked.  I hope he retires on his own terms, he deserves it.   With efforts like tonight becoming far too common, he's going to force Warde's hand sooner than later.


February 16th, 2016 at 9:48 PM ^

Yeah, because Billy Donavon really hated winning national championships in Urban Meyer's Shadow...

Michigan's reach for a basketball coach is up there with any program in the country.   Our fan base, Michigan's Brand, Jordan's Brand and our AD's competitiveness can accomplish more than you think.

If the money is right.  If the resources are there, and you have a boss that is as comitted to winning as you are, you'll consider the job.



February 16th, 2016 at 9:50 PM ^

Look no further than Ohio State. 

2004–05 Ohio State 20–12 8–8 6th Ineligible
2005–06 Ohio State 26–6 12–4 1st NCAA Round of 32
2006–07 Ohio State 35–4 15–1 1st NCAA Runner-up
2007–08 Ohio State 24–13 10–8 5th NIT Champions
2008–09 Ohio State 22–11 10–8 T–4th NCAA Round of 64
2009–10 Ohio State 29–8 14–4 T–1st NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2010–11 Ohio State 34–3 16–2 1st NCAA Sweet Sixteen
2011–12 Ohio State 31–8 13–5 T–1st NCAA Final Four
2012–13 Ohio State 29–8 13–5 T–2nd NCAA Elite Eight
2013–14 Ohio State 25–10 10–8 5th NCAA Round of 64
2014–15 Ohio State 24–11 11–7 6th NCAA Round of 32


Wolverine Devotee

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And that team was coached by John Beilein. 

You guys realize that our longest tournament streak was a grand total of 6 years?

Down years happen. Our program history is full of them after successful years. Due to graduation or NBA departures. 

I discount last year since everyone and their brother had some kind of injury. This year is sort of different. Caris wasn't stopping SMU from dunking 12 times on us so that excuse is out the window if this team fails to make the tournament.

I think they will, but it will be close.