Latwan Anderson Leaving Miami?

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Sounds like he's thinking of transferring. 


Latwan posted this on Facebook: “This really starting to **** me off..I’ve never regretted a thing in life, nanna said theres a first time for everything though…yeahh its bout that time make that call!”

He is very disappointed on how he has been treated at Miami. “It is almost like freshman are invisible”.



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I'm pretty sure Seantrel (SP?)  Henderson is starting there. If not, he's getting significant playing time. 

I'd take Latwaan in a second if he considers UM. And if he wants a chance to compete for immediate playing time, he would be wise to consider UM.

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I don't know why the hell he went to the U in the first place. He kept saying how he loved the Stew and felt so homie there. Kid just have just went with his heart. Get your ass to AA Latwan, and don't do anything stupid please.


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I think a 5* recruit would be welcome here as a transfer, but I think the bar gets set a little higher for his recruitment. Playing time would not be an issue now, but after sitting out a year and our young players have another year of "seasoning" they are going to be tough to displace. 

The other question is if he has the work ethic necessary to be a success at Michigan. It's clear that at Michigan it doesn't matter how many stars you have, it's how you approach practice and your team. RR has a bunch of very unselfish men on this team. Say whatever you want about the win loss record, because he is building a team of men with outstanding character. 

It's like the old commercial for the Marines.....The Few, The Proud, The Marines. Many have heard the call, but few know how to answer it. 


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Didn't he commit to WVU for a second before decommitting?  I would imagine they would be a major player as they are more than willing to take in 5 star DB transfers from "UM"....


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Yeah, probably not going to be a good fit since some people wanted to run Tate out of the state because he sulked a bit on the sideline once.  My guess is that this type of behavior would not go over well, irrespective of his rankings.  Of course, 5* do not fall from trees.


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 you sound like a girl getting hit on by a dude who just got rejected your best friend...would you really be that bitter if he had a change of heart and wanted to go blue? somehow i feel like having talent in the secondary would be sufficient consolation


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Mallett was sort of considered a head case when he was here. Arkansas is pretty happy he transferred there. Didn't we accept Threet as a transfer from Georgia Tech. Okay, maybe that was not a good example but we don't rule them out. Threet was not happy with playing time at GT.


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Threet transferred from GT when the new coach, Paul Johnson, installed an option offense (and became eligible at UM just in time for RichRod's installation of the zone read here--oops!).  So it's not so much that he transferred for lack of playing time, but more for being a total misfit for the GT offense.


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Threet transfered during the summer before the 2007 season after he spent spring practices at Georgia Tech (he was an early enrollee.) Chan Gailey was still head coach, Paul Johnson was still at Navy, and the Horror hadn't occurred yet.

So, yeah.

It wasn't his fit in the offense that made him transfer. He just wasn't happy there and wanted to move somewhere closer to home.


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Threet was at Georgia Tech for all of fifteen minutes. He enrolled early in January '07, then transferred in August because his position coach left. Chan Gailey was still head coach when he decided to transfer. 



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This message was supposedly sent from Latwan Anderson to a disgruntled fan:


Its easy to judge what you don't understand. We do it all the time, for one to speak on something they know nothing about is just pointless. This is the place we all wanna be but I remind you not ever one is wanted. This has nothing to with playing time I knew before I signed those papers I was redshirting no matter what. Its great you feel so strong for your team, but tell me this if you had a son here and they didnt treat him right what would you do? I knew I was leaving awhile ago, not cause I didnt play but cuz my mom is sick... and my grandparents are getting to old to take care of my brothers and sisters so I have to be closer to help out. I have alot of problems back home you would know nothing about, because all you know is what you see on the internet. You complain that why would I go where they talk shit about me, well you just did the samething they did. You just didnt take it as far as they did. I understand you being upset based off what you think you know, but I was always told if I didnt exactly know something then I should ask. Thsis program isnt what it use to be, its falling apart starting on the inside coming out. there is no excitement on the field or side line because no one wants to play for these ppl in office. My family was originally gonna try to move down here I dont wanna leave if I dont have to. The way these ppl treat US(ppl who arent playing) isnt right at all. At half time of the FSU game they would even let us sit with the team, talk to them give them words of encouragement, hear coach shannons speech or anything. They sat us in a little as room lock the door and told us not to bring our asses out of that room. Is that what the U is all about is that the way ed reed did it Melvin Bratton is that the way its done? Then on top of that they brought everyone food except us not to mention its 1 30 in the morning, but when we ask where is our food they tell us to stop Bitching. and thats how Ive been treated since I got here I bet you didnt know I quit football awhile ago Ive been straight track. I wasnt allowed to eat breakfast,lunch,or dinner with the team. Sometimes I wasnt even allowed in the meetings. I refuse to be used like a rag doll and then put on the field when he has no choice I know I can make a big name off 1 yr but I wanna win a fuckin championship damnit thats what we are here for. If I wanted to just play I wouldve went to west virginia. I understand you being upset, and I would be too in your shoes but you should never attack someone like that if you dont know fulling or understand whats going on. I love this place I still went and got the U tattooed on my chest 2days ago knowing I was probably gonna not be here. So you can never question my attitude toward this program I love this shit I miss 3 fuckin funerals to help my team get ready for a fast shift return man in greg reid all damn week. and I get cursed out ppl tellin me I didnt work them hard enough in practice because they got in the game and acted like a bunch of bitches. Well im sorry if your upset because I think that the rest of the non-travel squad and myself should be treated like part of this team but it is what it time ask questions ask any fan who has come to me respectfully I dont mind letting the fans see things from the athlete side of things.


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for serving our GREAT country and fighting so that i have a chance to live freely!  i have a cousin that is in the middle east with his marine unit so we are anxiously awaiting his contact every time!  Go US Military, Go Blue!