Lattimore & Smith will be at the BBQ

Submitted by Michigan248 on July 28th, 2013 at 10:30 AM

The Glenville products will make their way to the bbq today


A lot of people have Marshon Lattimore as the number 1 player in Ohio, with reports of him sitting alone at Ohio's FNL event thiis could be big for Michigan. 

Erick Smith is also a 4 star safety at a position of need for us

Hopefully Frank Clark and Willie Henry put the full court press on the younger Tarblooders


EDIT: looks like 2015 WR/CB Trevon Story is with them

@TomVH: Grenville receiver RT @__Trevon: On my way to Michigan”



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There's always some great quotes there. I'll pick this one as my favorite:

"I would put "0" confidence in the verbal commitment 5* George Campbell. He is an out of state talent, that lives so far away, I doubt he stays committed to TTUN, in the end I think he ends up staying south, just probably caught up in the moment."


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To be fair, there is a decent bit of insight as well:

Urban once remarked that a mediocre coach can win a NC with great players but a great coach can not win a NC with mediocre players. (Urban was talking about the importance of recruiting) if you subscribe to this theory of Urban Meyer's, then hoke should be considered a NC contender based on the recruits he's been getting.


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I would take Lattimore over Webb in an instant.  Not a fair trade.  Both have electronic 40 times from combines: Lattimore was 4.48, while Webb was 4.68.  Lattimore is more expolsive and has a couple inches on Webb.  Webb was measured at 5'10 at The Opening, not the 5'11 or 6'0 he's sometimes listed at. 


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Lattimore is a borderline 5 star corner/athlete to most sites and would be a huge pull in the face of slowing with our other top db targets. It'd take some of the sting out of Ohio landing Michigan's top corner if we land theirs in turn. With the physicality and versatility of him and Peppers and Watson, they could complete our db recruiting with 3 and still have the top secondary class in the country.


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Alabama south. He'd be a great pull but imo(from articles I've read) he's headed to the vaunted SEC. That also could be why he was an outcast at the FNL event.


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Before we read too much into that not everyone has a personality that is super outgoing.  There are people out there - even football players - who are quiet, shy, introspective, etc.  So that could be Lattimore.  If you watch his interviews he is not gregarious.  Doesnt mean a thing on the football field but just like Lewan is super outgoing and Schofield you never here a peep out of, it would be nice to have that tandem in Peppers (oozes charisma) and Lattimore (quiet assassin).   But getting to your point dont read too much into it - we just assume every football player is rah rah type of personality.


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I wouldn't put anything past this staff. Hoke might just be the best recruiter in the history of Michigan football - can't definitively say that yet but we're heading that way FAST