Latest Update on Austin Hatch: "showing improvements every day"

Submitted by Raoul on July 9th, 2011 at 7:35 AM

Late Friday afternoon, the Hatch family posted their first CaringBridge update on Austin's condition since last Saturday:

Friday July 8th
By the grace of God, Austin James is showing improvements every day. He is comfortable and stable. He has begun opening his BIG BLUE EYES a little bit more! We understand that his healing will be a very slow and gradual process; we're not sure whether Austin has any awareness of what he sees yet.
Thanks to Mimi, Grandpa Siwik, Aunt Mary Toth, and Cousin Dr. Dan O'Donnell who all stayed at Austin's side for the past few days.  Nona came up and told Austin she's getting ready to make him some meatballs. We are comforted by all of your prayers, stories and words of inspiration.  Although we grieve, our hearts are filled with hope and joy!



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If this kid pulls through and recovers, we'll hear "The Austin Hatch Story" everytime we play on CBS or ESPN. What an ordeal. He's one tough SOB. I don't know of anyone else that has survived 2 plane crashes; and on top of that might recover 100% with no paralysis or lost limbs. Incredible.


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The harsh reality here is that Hatch probably won't play basketball again.  Any contact sport will be too risky for him because impacts that he could easily sustain before the accident will proably cause concussions.  

You are right that he is "one tough SOB" just to be alive.  If he pulls out of this with no gross residual effects and can live a normal life outside of sports, it will still be as uplifting a story as you could want.  You just won't see it on sports TV, just like you didn't see the Ben Wilson story on TV the year Illinois lost to Michigan in the Final Four.  

Sometimes, though, the best stories happen under the radar of the "big eye."  I just hope he gets to be a doctor someday.  


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my cousin attends canterberry with austin (he's a freshmen while austin is a soph) he says the  hole community has rallied around to support austin and a tirelessly raising funds for the hatch family. Just thought i'd let you guys know austin is in good hands


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But if there's one person who does....  He signed Austin's guestbook today:



  • Saturday, July 9, 2011 1:33 AM, EDT

    Austin - I have been keeping you in my prayers daily, and I can imagine some of the things you are going through.  With God, all things are possible and I truly believe that you will accomplish whatever you put your mind to.  Keep fighting, and know that you are destined for great things. You will overcome the odds!

    Brock Mealer


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Basketball aside, I really hope he makes a full recovery.  He's been through more before high school graduation than many will face in their whole lives.