latest UM NFL scouting report (SI)

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SI's Tony Pauline on Michigan's NFL prospects:…

That sounds great for Mouton and is in line with earlier reports from this year.

I thought this was off-base: "Schilling made an immediate impact as a freshman when he started at right tackle for the Wolverines."  He made an impact, I guess, but it wasn't necessarily a good one.  I think he's benefitted a lot from the coaching change.

Oh, and here's a snippet from the Eric Gordon review that must warm the hearts of all the Dantonio-loving, Family Values types (some of whom are Michigan fans and RichRod haters): "... brings his lunch pail to every game ..."  Man, I sure wish *we* had some guys like that (instead of dreadlocked hoodlums).



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I always feel that when people say a guy isa "lunch pail" guy, that is synonymous with "grit", "heady", and "just makes plays out there."  In other words, a green Kovacs.


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Since being hired four years ago, Michigan State's coach has made a point of ratcheting up the Michigan rivalry from the Michigan State side, installing a Countdown Clock in the Spartans' weight room which measures the time until the showdown.


Seriously, Dantonio thought the rivalry needed to be more intense on the Michigan State side????  So, according to him, State really never lived for the rivalry?  I'm confused.  I do like that Rich Rod on numerous interviews has made a point of saying that Michigan doesn't have a countdown clock to anyone....just to the next game.  Could this be a shot at the Spartans? It would be funny if it was. 


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I don't understand how one could take this article and be offended that Michigan's players aren't touted for their hard-working, gritty types.  Just because it's a MSM article about Michigan doesn't mean you have to find something offensive about it.


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I agree that the Gordon snippet was peripheral to the main point of my post, but I think it fits in perfectly with the undeserved "Midwestern" (for lack of a better word) praise that Dantonio gets.

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Optional: As a coach, what did you think of Schilling's performance in '07?  I don't remember many good reviews.  To read that article, though, you'd think he was on a spectacular "pro-style" trajectory that got disrupted by the coaching change.  His first year was complicated by his recovery from mono, etc., but I honestly believe he benefitted from the coaching change.  The Alex Mitchell arc was in the range of possibilities.


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I didn't think Schilling was good in 2007.  He was repeatedly overpowered.  As you said, he wasn't at full strength.  He's been much better as a guard than a tackle.  I didn't watch his high school film until about 6 months ago, but after I watched that, I thought "He should have been a guard all along."


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Also, if I had a choice between reading how talented Michigan is or how "gritty" it is, I'll take the talent every time.  "Gritty" or "lunchbox" usually means you aren't as talented as your peers but get everything out of the lesser amount of talent you were given.  I have a lot more fun reading words like "monster" and "Heisman candidate" than I do "gritty."


October 8th, 2010 at 8:30 AM ^ an emotional lift is overblown. For me, this game comes down to four keys:

  1. Can the Michigan OL repeat what's made them so successful so far this year: open lanes in the DL and get to the next level in time to allow DRob and the RBs to get into space?  If this happens, the gash runs will be many and the MSU secondary will be exploited as MSU will have to commit more defenders to defending the box.
  2. Will Brandon Herron's return allow Roh to play a rush DE more often and does that ratchet up the pressure on Cousins enough that our suspect secondary isn't repeatedly picked apart at the seams?
  3. Turnovers.
  4. Special teams: contain Keyshawn Martin. Stonum break one or more return to the 40 or beyond. FG kickers make a kick. Catch the damn ball.


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Roh at DE would have been more useful last week.  I think we need to stop the run this week, with MSU's top two running backs averaging 7.1 and 7.4 yards per carry.  The play action passing game is what it is.  If Michigan can stop the run and force MSU into obvious passing situations, then Roh can drop down to DE and get after Cousins.


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4.  I'm not as worried about Keyshawn Martin as many others might be.  Our kickoffs have been consistently short, making it easier for the coverage team to get in range (they run probably 10 less yards than many coverage teams).  As such, unless Spartie opens up some good running lanes, I see a swarm of tacklers at every turn.  Unfortunately, since Michigan is going to put up 42 on Spartie, that's at least 7 changes for a return.  As far as the Michigan return game, HOLD ONTO THE DAMN BALL!!!!!


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I thought it was pretty interesting that this article gave Mouton the same draft grade as Greg Jones.... waiting for someone to reply "telling"