Latest from Sam Webb on basketball recruit Monte Morris

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Morris is going into his junior year of high school.  Has interest from big ten programs, but Michigan is one of the first to offer him.’s-Monte-Morris-earns-U-M-offer--might-wait-for-others 




"(Michigan) actually showed a lot of interest in (Monte)," said Morris' mother Tanya. "He loved the way the team came together in the tournament. He loves the way Coach Beilein handled the team. They are very high on his list. Very high." "They're at the number one spot right now," Morris added. "It's the support they've shown me — showing me how serious they are recruiting me. I like their campus and their offense — how they spread the court and how they like the point guards to have the ball for at least six seconds. I just feel like their style of play will fit mine."



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I searched mgoblog for Monte Morris info, but didn't find much.  I forgot to look at UMhoops.  I need to visit there more. 


This detnews article provides lots of quotes from Morris.  It may be tough to get a commitment out of him seeing as he grew up a fan of MSU.  He liked the way Coach B used DMo though.


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There was nothing wrong with starting a thread about this article. It's just that the U-M offer is old news. Maybe you could change the title to something like "Latest from Sam Webb on Monte Morris."


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I wouldn't look at it that way at all. Beilein essentially has offers out to four point guards for either 2012 (Sherron Dorsey-Walker--more of a combo guard but being recruited as a point guard) or 2013 (Monte Morris, Derrick Walton Jr., and Demetrius Jackson). I'd be happy getting any of those four.

The highest-rated target that Michigan has a legitimate shot at right now is Mitch McGary (2012). And Zak Irvin (2013) would be a great pickup as well.


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but I don't think we are any higher on him than Walton or Jackson, the other two pgs we have offered in the '13 class. We still have an offer out to Dorsey-Walker, a 2012 PG, as well. If he accepted, I'm not sure what we'd do in 2013. If there's any way in hell we could get Mitch McGary, 2012, he could be the type of impact player that takes us from a decent tourney team to Big Ten Championship.


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That's old news. The new news on Monte Morris is actually not so good. Looks like Syracuse is quite interested in him and that he's recriprocating it (to what degree I don't know). It's always nice when a target is getting love from one the top programs in the country, but at the same it's not.


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Kinda off topic but I just wanted to share something. I am in Port Hueneme CA. and I was playing basketball at the base gym and I was playing this kid that was really good. Got to talking and he is headed to Detroit Country Day and he is only 14. He said that Sam Webb comes to his practices all the time and that he even has Jordan Morgan's number and knows Darius. I thought it was really cool to meet him cause you never know how good he could be. His name is Jaqualin Hanna. Also I said that if Michigan starts recruiting you, go blue. He said for sure.


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If Dorsey-Walker commits, then there might not be a scholarship available for a 2013 PG. I think it's most likely that Michigan will get Dorsey-Walker or one of the three 2013 PGs, plus someone else in the 2012 or 2013 classes--Mitch McGary, Zak Irvin, or Stefan Jankovic.

I'm guessing Michigan ends up with either Dorsey-Walker or Walton, plus Irvin.