Latest on Dawkins, Huff, and Ibaka + football recruiting notes from Don

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A few notes on basketball recruiting, based in part on today's recruiting roundup on WTKA:

Aubrey Dawkins: Had a great (and extended) visit to Dayton, according to Sam Webb, who also reported that Dawkins is not taking any more visits and will choose between Michigan and Dayton. The announcement could come any day and will happen within the week. In Sam's opinion, Michigan has the upper hand based on the criteria that Dawkins related to Sam. If Dawkins adheres to his stated criteria, Sam thinks Michigan will be the choice. I don't have a Scout subscription, so I don't know what's in the premium article on this posted there, but from what was said on the free Scout board, it appears that one criterion is academics.

Cole Huff: There's been no announcement of a visit date to Michigan for Huff. But his former AAU coach, Clint Parks, tweeted yesterday that Huff was off to Creighton for "his 1st of 4 visits." Visits to Iowa (May 2) and Dayton (May 9) are already known, and presumably Michigan will be the fourth. As a pure FYI that I mention only because of previous discussions about Huff: UCLA just lost Jordan Adams to a late NBA entry decision.

Igor IbakaSam thinks this is another case—similar to Byron Wesley—of a player expressing interest in Michigan, not the other way around. With Ibaka, it "certainly hasn't been Michigan pursuing him." Sam noted the rarity of juco transfers to Michigan in basketball. In the end, in his opinion, this is likely "much ado about nothing."

Also, for anyone looking for a good overview of where Michigan basketball recruiting stands, Sam has just updated his recruiting primer.

EDIT: Links to recruiting roundup podcasts: part 1 (Dawkins + the football items Don summarizes below) and part 2 (Ibaka).

EDIT2: Updated title so people know there's good info in the thread from Don on football recruiting.



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Don't know if this deserves it's own thread, but everybody should read the interview with Ricky Doyle on UMHoops. Link

Gotta be taken with a grain of salt, but some real encouraged stuff in there. Says he's up to 6'10", 255. Playing open gyms with college athletes at FGCU, which is nearby where he lives. Working real hard and already seeing benefits from the 3 month program Sanderson has him on. Seems to have a great relationship with Coach Alexander as well.


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Thanks for the heads up.

Been reading up a lot on him and trying to watch some film but its limited out there due to his starz profile and lack of camps etc.  Funny quote from his coach about the lack of height he faces in games ...was something like "yes he plays a lot of guys who are 6'5 but some of these are 6'5 guys who are going to be playing SEC football" - so hopefully they manhandled him some so he has some prep for the Big 10. ;)


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Agreed.  Think his offense should be ok.  I just worry about any "5" who is not in the top 20 type category trying to play as a freshman - seems to be the last position to develop, esp if your game is not elite athleticism.   All a lot of those UK guys did was jump really high and dunk which yes you can do as a freshman if you are a freak athlete.  Doyle is going to actually have to do something called "basketball" lol. 

Anyhow at 255 lbs, Doyle is already bigger than Morgan and Horford were as seniors.  Yowsers.  Sanderson you beast.


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Man the more I watch Dawkins highlight tape (highlight tape disclaimer applies) the more I REALLY want him at UofM. I am still not sold on MAAR( yeah yeah yeah, the coaches are good evaluators blah blah blah), but if we get Dawkins I think this class could be great. He looks like a very heady player with more athleticism and size than MAAR, yes I know they project to different positions. If we get Dawkins, I'm much less worried about the MAAR scholarship, as I assume he will be a 2-3 year backup and potentially push for playing time once Walton is gone. Dawkins just looks like he fits our offense a lot better and he looks MUCH more polished, dude looks smoove (Wilson)! I can't wait to see if he picks us, I think he will thrive at UofM.


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Huff allows Chatman to play the 3. Wilson can also have the luxury of coming along slowly. 

The staff didn't watch Brunson nor have they had in-home with him. Odd since all the other major players (KU,MSU,ILL,VILL) have been highly visible. Instead, the staff was watching Derryck Thornton Jr, Jamal Murray and Quentin Goodin at EYBL. Thornton Jr is visiting w/ Tyus Battle in the summer and word is UM leads. I think we find our PG in 2016. 

Dawkins is of a similar caliber to Matt McQuaid and Kyle Ahrens. He would be a solid addition. He will be a secondary option like GR3 and THJR due to lack of dribble drive game or PnR but that is ok.

I see the staff taking 3 commits in 2015. 2 perimeter players and a 3rd rotation big.

Coleman, Davis, Grandstaff, McQauid, Dozier Jr, Ahrens, Bacon, Ahmad, Turner, Mykhailiuk (if he preps). Lots of options. Personally, I'd love a Mykhailiuk and Coleman combo. If not Mykhailiuk then a Coleman + Grandstaff duo. 




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If Huff + Dawkins both come and the staff can work some "mid major starz" magic on MAAR and Dawkins, our depth is going to be sick in 16 months.  I know the odds are someone is going to flame out like a Brundidge (just from probability) but we're talking 11 deep even without Caris.  Just difficult to get more than a 9 man rotation going.  (UK is going to have that issue this year)  So then we have to worry about egos ;) #MGoWorryAboutSomething

2015-2016 potential squad

  1. Donnal
  2. Doyle
  3. Chatman
  4. Huff*
  5. Wilson
  6. MAAR
  7. Spike
  8. Dawkins*
  9. Bielfeldt
  10. Walton JR
  11. Irvin**




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I'm not putting these lofty expectations on him, but keeping Walton out of the "**NBA?" category is a slight to him.  I mean, our last two PGs made huge leaps in their sophomore years and went pro.  So.... not out of the question.  Maybe even the expectation?