Latest AP Poll: Michigan Unranked

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Probably should have seen this coming... Basketball season in less than four weeks.



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I think it is a bit rough of a fall.  It was a bad game to lose, but I still feel better as a fan of UM than NW, Illinois, Iowa, even MSU.  Basically, anyone in the conference other than OSU and Wiscy.  It was a tough loss on the road to a team that tried to give the game away.


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Hey Dude, totally disagree!

Honestly, I'll believe MSU's offense has made some great strides when they do it against a competent defense; IU's is not one yet, and their play against Iowa was pretty erratic.  I'll give you that their defense is great right now, but they still gave up 28 points to IU and I think UM's offense is still pretty potent when they play like they did during that second half.

But whatever, feel free to bitch and moan as much as you want.  It's my opinion that MSU has some real issues that they've been able to plaster over playing Iowa and IU.  You are well within your right to believe otherwise, but I still think UM will be the better team at the end of the year.


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It's good to be a loyal fan, but how do you know you feel better about UM than a State fan does about the Spartans? I bet if you polled the two fanbases right now, MSU's as a whole feels much better about their team than Michigan's fanbase does about their team.


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I guess I worded that weirdly.  My point is more that for all of MSU's recent "success" against Iowa and IU, they remain a team that could blow a game or revert a bit on offense.  I think the ceiling for UM is higher than that of any team in the conference save Wiscy and OSU; when they are on, UM has an extremely solid defense and offense that has proven itself against competent defenses. 

I'm sure MSU fans are sky-high right now, but three weeks ago you couldn't throw a rock without hitting some who predicted a losing season after that ND game.  UM fans love to complain and bitch because of expectations and all that, but if you had told me the team would be 5-1 with a crazy loss at PSU despite scoring 34 in regulation and 40 overall, I'd still be optimistic.


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Michigan team than I am. We are capable of losing to just about anyone (Akron, Ucon, PSU). When we turn the ball over 3 times and average less than 1 yard per carry from the running back position, how can you be hopefull against MSU, OSU, Nebraska, NW or Iowa?


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Any of you think we are going to beat Indiana? What the fuck are you smoking?

Rankings mean exactly jack shit for this team. They are completely undeserving of any consideration in the top 35 as long as our O line can't block and our coaches play not to lose.


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and I'm smoking some super high quality outdoor grown pacific northwest weed.  It's a blueberry hybrid grown by a friend of mine that maintains the wonderful blueberry fruity flavor but with a stronger sativa high than most other blueberry strains.

Further, if yesterday's game had been at home we'd be 6-0 right now. I'd still be bummed at the state of play calling, the O-line, and game managenment but no way PSU wins a game like that on the road.


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Does it matter?  

Rankings are for selection in the NC and BCS bowls.  We don't need to worry about either at this point.

All we can focus on is the Big Ten Championship game.  If we win November Legends games, the rankings can't keep us out of it, and if we lose November Legends games, the rankings can't help us.



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This year the PAC12 looks better.  The SEC came short in a lot of theri big non conference games.  Oregon destroyed a Tenn team that came very close to beating Georgia.  Florida lost to Miami.  Georgia lost to Clemson.  Bama beat a second tier ACC team in VT, but other than that they have no impressive non conference wins.

Shakey Jake

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The team is weak. They are playing State Street football and not Main street football. Next year might be ugly too. We shall hopefully see the fruits of HOke's recruiting by year 5.