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Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 8th, 2011 at 1:34 AM
Against my better judgement, because we seem to have a ton of new posters (lockdown time?) that think Michigan should go old SMU/Miami style win at all costs, and apparently didn't really believe anything Bo or Lloyd preached (other than when it makes a good soundbyte or sig line or post reply), but there are enough reliable posters still up that it will save them some scrolling.



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To be fair to the host, he didnt put his professionalism on the line, he said he feels that it is going to happen, based on sources, what have you. He did say he thought it was 8 or 9 out of 10.

He also offered to buy the caller a Po' Boy if he was wrong.


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M-Wolverine will be replacing Magnus as HC of the MGoBlog all-star coaching staff. Magnus will be relieved of his duties due to his lack of understanding for MGoBlog culture. Farewell Magnus, you will do well on another blog. Welcome aboard M-Wolverine. Everybody please fully support him. We are all in for M-Wolverine.


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From Tiger Droppings:

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I believe Les is gone. I have never been one to claim I have sources, but I happen to know a guy who works for Michigan State's athletic department that is a former sports writer who covered LSU and then later worked in University of Michigan's athletic department. I got confirmation from him that the deal is done and will be announced on Tuesday officially. Les is gone.


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1.) "know a guy"

2.) "who works for Michigan State's athletic department"

3.) "is a former sports writer"

4.) "who covered LSU"

5.) "worked in Michigan's athletic department"

Er, that doesn't scream reliability. Everything from 1-4 indicates unreliability. Number 5 is surely nothing at this point, given that we've had a change in AD and that he currently works at MSU's AD.


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10 posts a minute it's impossible to gather anything from this anymore...
<br>I don't know what I feel anymore. I'm just numb. I'll be under a rock. Someone let me know when it's all over!
<br>/yeah right I can't stay away


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If any recruits were to follow I would like to see the following:

1.  La'el Collins - #1 ranked OT

2.  Kenny Hilliard - 6'0" 218lb RB.  Reminds me of Brandon Minor.

3.  Anthony Johnson -  #1 ranked DT.  

4.  Trai Turner - IIRC he had early interest in Michigan.

5.  Jeremy Hill - Another big back, don't know if we have space for him.   


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"He said, 'They have rumors going around about (me) going to Michigan, but it's not true,'" Jefferson said. "'It's nonsense.' He said hasn't spoken to anybody, anything about Michigan. We're going to stick with that and get ready for next year."


LSU running back Stevan Ridley concurred with Jefferson.

"He told us this is his football team and this is where he's going to be," Ridley said. "We respect our coach, and this is our coach for right now, and we're going to enjoy him as long as we can. Coach Miles is a Tiger. This is his group of guys, and he's proud of us. I think this is where he will be next year."


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Yeah, so let's believe the Lousiana's media's version of his discussion, because these guys are not at all sharpening their knives for Les Miles like they were the Detroit Free Press.