The last time we played ND

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More last-minute craziness.

Quite an interesting, forgotten hardwood rivalry. Six previous postseason meetings (5-1 Michigan).




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Forgot about that nasty, little rat, Chris Quinn. ND basketball is all about people that don't look trustworthy around children (see: Head Coach Mike Brey, skeeziest looking dude ever). 

South Bend Wolverine

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Very vivid memories of watching that game at a friend's apartment.  Favorite part is the dude with his arms full of folding chairs by the bench who has no idea what to do with them when the shot goes down!

San Diego Mick

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I know he underachieved at U-M but he recruited well and a few of the years we had a decent enough record to get in the tourney but got spurned, he had better records than Beilein has had in about 3 of his years and Beilein got in with a couple of those.


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I wonder about this sometimes, and admittedly it is a silly thought experiment now that we're nearly ten years removed from the Amaker era basically, but that particular segment of our hoops history always seemed to me a prim example of someone doing less with more. I could be wrong about that, but I do agree that it is very easy to imagine those players most years doing much better under someone like Beilein.


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Year Record B1G Place Post Season
2001–02 11–18 5–11 T–8th  
2002–03 17–13 10–6 T–3rd  
2003–04 23–11 8–8 T–5th NIT Champions
2004–05 13–18 4–12 9th  
2005–06 22–11 8–8 T-6th NIT Runner-up
2006–07 22–13 8–8 T–7th NIT Second Round
2007–08 10–22 5–13 T–9th  
2008–09 21–14 9–9 T–7th NCAA Round of 32
2009–10 15–17 7–11 T–7th  
2010–11 21–14 9–9 T–4th NCAA Round of 32
2011–12 24–10 13–5 T–1st NCAA Round of 64
2012–13 31–8 12–6 T–4th NCAA Runner-up
2013–14 28–9 15–3 1st NCAA Elite Eight
2014–15 16–16 8–10 9th  
2015–16 23–12 10–8 8th NCAA Round of 64



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he had better records than Beilein has had in about 3 of his years

Not in league play. Amaker's teams played terrible nonconference schedules and racked up easy wins, but in Big Ten play they only managed one winning season - the year they were banned from the postseason (2003).  

Perhaps even more importantly, Amaker's teams could never seem to get that key late-season win that they needed.  We always were a win away and blew it.




Tshimanga Cowabunga

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I was standing directly behind the ND bench for that game and after the game Quinn was walking off the court and I said something to the effect of "Nice free throws in your last game ever" and he started crying. I probably should have felt bad but I didn't


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That was a fun finish. The previous meeting in South Bend was also pretty memorable (with Harris' shot). I can't think of another time where we won a game like that on the road under Amaker and Ellerbe.

Our problems with turnovers those years was kind of like our issues with in bounding and free throws now. They were endless.