March 18th, 2013 at 11:30 AM ^

They're playing for the streak. Heck, I might be driving out from Boston to see hockey this weekend. I might also check out the basketball team, but I wouldn't go just for the basketball team. Granted, I care much more about the hockey team for starters. Some of my best sports memories in college were at Yost.


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in the country.  No team would go through the gaultnet of the top 5 teams and go unscathed.  Since starting their toughest stretch on early February, they beat OSU, a Wisconsin half court mircale away from a win, beat MSU, and lost to IU on a heartbreaker. 

Look at MSU, they went through the same way as Michigan.  In their tough stretch, they lost three games in a row to IU, Michigan and OSU then lost to OSU in BTT.

OSU went through a similar swoon but it's in the midseason.

Indiana lost to teams that they shouldn't have lost like Illini at Assembly Hall, and Minnesota.

Playing tough team game in and game out, it took a toll on all of the top B1G teams.  I think the committee are punishing B1G for being a tough conference instead of rewarding them for it.  Put any of them in different conference, I think they would win every conference.

snarling wolverine

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I don't understand the point of pitting one Michigan team against the other, but if you really want to do that, look, men's basketball is 26-7 and hockey is 17-18-3.  Are we really badmouthing the 26-7 team?  Shouldn't we be wondering where the hell this hockey team has been all year?  This was the preseason #3 team in the country.

To make a school analogy, MBB is like an A student that neglected to study for the most recent test but is still in pretty good shape for the final.  Hockey is like a student that blew off his studies most of the term, realized he was failing, and finally got his ass in gear late in the semester.  I'm happy for the turnaround and hoping for the best this weekend but I don't think it should have come to this.




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Why do hockey fans seem to have complexes about basketball?  I see this all the time from both college hockey fans regarding CBB and NHL fans regarding the NBA.  In the middle of a thread about hockey, suddenly someone will decide to point out how much more they care about it than basketball.  I never see the reverse (basketball fans bringing up hockey) on a CBB/NBA thread. I know the two are going on at the same time, but they're not really in competition with each other, especially at the NCAA level.

Personally, I'm excited about both teams.  I'm more of a basketball fan overall but I certainly plan to watch the hockey team as well.



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thanks for the post.   Can't wait for the weekend two more wins at Joe!!   Beat Miami!  Was curious if that road win on Friday against WMU on youtube?   So glad we beat them they ended our tourney the last two years losing at Joe.   I'm hoping for Ohio/Mich final lol.